Serie A, because Lapadula's goal was canceled


The referee Gianluca Manganiello applied the regulation after reporting the VAR.

He debated the cancellation of the 2-2 Lecce goal signed by Lapadula, rejected by the penalty kick saved by Strakosha on Babacar, during the Serie A match at the Olimpico against Lazio. The race director's decision, Gianluca Manganiello di Pinerolo, arrived after reporting by the VAR that he saw Gianluca Lapadula's entry into the penalty area before the execution of Babacar's shot.

Serie A, because Lapadula's goal was canceled

Since then the same Lecce striker scored on the penalty rebound, the referee canceled the goal and awarded a free kick to Lazio, putting the regulation into practice. In the event that the goal had not been scored (rejected included), the shot should have been repeated.

Once the referee issues the whistle – the regulation states – for the execution of a penalty kick, the throw must be executed; if it is not executed, the referee may take disciplinary action before issuing the new whistle for the execution of the penalty kick. If, before the ball is in play, one of the following situations occurs:

a) the player who plays the penalty or a team mate breaks the Game Rules:

  • if the ball enters the goal, the penalty kick must be repeated
  • if the ball does not enter the goal, the referee must interrupt the game and assign an indirect free kick

c) one or more players of each team break the Rules of the Game, the penalty kick will have to be repeated, unless a player commits a more serious infringement (for example, he makes an incorrect feint); if both the goalkeeper and the thrower commit an infringement at the same time:

  • if the goal is not scored, the penalty kick must be repeated and both players are warned
  • if the goal is scored, it must not be validated, the thrower will be warned and the game will be resumed with an indirect free kick for the defending team

In the area however, before Babacar's shot, there were also several Lazio players. The infringement in this case was not sanctioned because, following the guidelines established by the AIA, only the early entry of Lapadula should be punished, as it is decisive given that it achieves the goal. If a Biancocelesti player arrived first on the ball, the penalty would have been repeated.

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