Del Genio: "Ancelotti must have the courage to put out some players! Koulibaly disaster"


The Neapolitan journalist seriously worried by the time of Naples, Ancelotti's team is experiencing a bad time.

Napoli defeated in Rome 2-1. Paolo Del Genio to the Kiss Kiss microphones Napoli has commented on the performance of the Azzurri: "It is not the first year of Ancelotti at Napoli. Last year, with all the limits, he finished second with 79 points. To say that he cannot train these players seems to me a statement that clashes with the reality of the past season. There are not only the errors of the technician, the referees or bad luck. There is a horrendous return of so many players who are here to make a difference but, right now, they are doing it in favor of their opponents.

Del Genio added: "The central defense pair of today cannot be looked at, there are technical errors, a misreading of the sensational play. There is a really inexplicable and unpredictable level of performance, when Manolas was bought, we all thought we had a very strong central pair. Koulibaly is making disasters and the Greek accompanies it to the great. If these individual negative performances continue, Ancelotti, must have the courage to put some players out ".

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