REWARDS LIVE – Roma-Napoli 2-1 (19 'Zaniolo, 55' Veretout, 72 'Milik): the Azzurri fall at the Olimpico!


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16.56 – END OF THE GAME!

97 '- Milik starts from the free kick, but his shot slams on the barrier and ends up in a corner.

95 '- RED CARD FOR CETIN! ROME IN TEN MEN! Finally, he puts Llorente down and gets the direct red.

93 '- Under's tactical foul: yellow for him.

91 '- ZIELINSKI! Napoli centimeters from goal. Zielinski gets to the limit and shoots, but the ball goes wide.

90 '- The referee gives six minutes of recovery.

88 '- Milik commits a tactical foul on Veretout: yellow for him.

86 '- Yellow card for Spinazzola.

83 '- Substitution for Napoli: outside Insigne, inside Younes.

82 '- GOAL CANCELED TO ROME! On the developments of the following corner Smalling side for Dzeko, who headed Meret. But the Bosnian is in the offside.

81 '- Substitution for Roma: out of Zaniolo, inside Under.

78 '- Mario Rui protests after a foul whistled by Rocchi against Napoli: the Portuguese is cautioned.

77 '- Substitution for Roma: outside Kluivert, inside Perotti.

75 '- Ball in the area for Zaniolo, who ends up on the ground with Mario Rui: everything is smooth for the referee.

72 '- GOOOOOOOOLLLLL! ACCORCIA NAPOLI! Lozano earns the bottom on the right and puts it in the center with the low cross: Cetin punctures the intervention, Milik at the far post pushes into the net!

70 '- START THE GAME! Without the stopwatch being stopped, after the applause of the Roma fans to eliminate those racist choirs, Rocchi restarts the game.

68 '- SUSPENDED MATCH! Racist choirs against Naples, Rocchi whistles the suspension of the game after a first announcement earlier by the Olympic speaker.

65 '- Substitution for Napoli: out of Mertens, in Llorente.

62 '- A thrill for Napoli, which risks losing its head. On the error in the disengagement, Manolas is good at closing in the area.

59 '- KLUIVERT! CROSS ROME! Beautiful action of Rome, which with speed and technique escapes via Napoli. Kluivert is freed from the outside but shoots on the crossbar. Applause from the Olimpico.

58 '- Substitution for Napoli: outside Callejon, inside Lozano.

55 '- GOAL OF ROME! TRANSFORM VERETOUT! Veretout chooses the corner to the right of Meret, but raises the trajectory with respect to Kolarov: ball in seven, the goalkeeper senses but does not get there!

54 '- PENALTY KICK FOR ROME! Pastore tries to dribble in the area, then on the cross there is the touch of arm Mario Rui: Rocchi immediately indicates the disk.

53 '- Zaniolo receives from Pastore, Mario Rui closes in slip and suffers the ram of the former Inter: it will be a corner kick.

51 '- Kluivert works a good ball, but slips at the time of shooting: bad conclusion.

49 '- Mario Rui gives Milik a large balloon vertically. The control of Cetin is decisive on the control.

16.04 – DIVIDED!

15.50 – Roma ahead at the break against Napoli. After the double whistle of the referee, the Giallorossi midfielder Jordan Veretout intervened at the Sky Sport microphone: "We started very well with the goal. In the second half we have to be careful on the pitch because we know that Napoli is strong, we need to press high to control Napoli.Serve a compact team, if we leave playing Napoli the game becomes difficult ".


45 '- The referee gives two minutes of recovery.

44 '- MERTENS! Launch for Callejon, who intervenes after Smalling and makes the bank for Mertens. First shot by the Belgian, but the ball ends high over the crossbar.

41 '- WHAT OPPORTUNITY FOR NAPLES! POLE AND CROSSES! Mertens crosses for Milik, who heads the ball over the crossbar from close range. On the rest of the action, Zielinski kicks from the edge and sends a blow to the stake. What a bad luck for the Azzurri!

39 '- The rhythms are now a little lower, the Napoli makes the ball spin in search of new spaces.

35 '- INSIGNE! Another conclusion from the outside: Milik's assist and a shot from the Italian captain, but Pau Lopez is alert at the near post.

33 '- MILIK! Naples close to peer. Mertens leans on Milik, who returns to the right and explodes a right that goes off a few centimeters on the bottom.

32 '- Mario Rui receives on the left and sees the movement of Milik in the area, trying to reward him: his suggestion however ends directly in the arms of Pau Lopez.

30 '- INSIGNE! Great conclusion of the Napoli captain, who gives only the optical illusion of the goal: ball on the outside of the net, at the side of a puff.

29 '- DI LORENZO! MIRACLE OF SMALLING! On the developments of a placed Di Lorenzo hits the head and beats Pau Lopez, but Smalling in the save saves on the line!

26 ' – MERET PARA THE RIGOR OF KOLAROV! The Giallorossi full-back chooses the corner to the right of the opposing goalkeeper: Meret senses and rejects the ball!


22 '- Dzeko with the digetto supports Pastore, but Meret leaves and anticipates the Argentine.

19 '- GOAL OF ROME! TO SIGN ZANIOLO! Great launch of Mancini for Spinazzola, shelled behind Mario Rui. The former Juve, from the bottom, leans back for Zaniolo: control and left of the former Inter, that cold Meret on the first post!

15 '-Spinazzola goes on percussion, unloads on Zaniolo, which goes to Kluivert. But Zielinski folds well and closes everything.

13 '- Touch on the edge of Insigne for Mertens, whose shot is retaken. On the rebound Rocchi sees the Belgian's foul on Veretout.

11 '- Beautiful action of Rome. Mancini gives a fabulous ball to Pastore, as a playmaker. The Argentine in the area controls, but hits badly due to Manolas' disorder.

9 '- KLUIVERT! First ring of the game with giropalla and the conclusion from outside Kluivert: his right hand ends just outside.

7 '- Long shot of Callejon from long range: Pau Lopez blocks the ball in two stages.

5 '- Veretout defensive blunder, which almost gives Naples a chance. Remedy Pastore putting in corner.

4 '- On the developments of the next corner, the ball arrives outside the area to Kluivert: a tyrant from the former Ajax.

3 '- Kolarov starts the conclusion from outside the area, but the ball is retaken by Callejon.

15:01 – PARTIES!

14.57 – Entry into the field for the two teams.

14:54 – Teams ready to enter the field.

14.30 – Edin Dzeko, Roma striker, took a handful of minutes from the big match against Napoli and spoke at the Sky Sport microphone: "We talked immediately after the match with Sampdoria, not only with the coach but also with the manager. They told us that this was not good, we hadn't done enough to win that game. Then we changed, for the better, and we hope to continue I do not know if it is a surprise to be in front of Napoli, but it is still too early to talk about these things because there is so much to play again. Today there is Napoli, both we and they are fine. "A game to be won. Manolas? He's back, I talked to him in the last few days. He's coming back from an injury. I know him well, he knows me well. We hope it will be a good race."

14:15 – Cristiano Giuntoli, sporting director of Napoli, after the appeal rejected due to the disqualification of Ancelotti and a few minutes before the match against Roma, intervened at the Sky Sport microphone: "Without the leader it is always difficult, we are sorry. Let's move on, there will be Davide to lead the team. What have we done in these days? The external communication was a complaint because we suffered a very serious wrong, but inside we have he tried to leave the boys calm and to think of pouring this wickedness into the field ".

14:00 – Issue official formations. In Naples Manolas recovers and then the defense is recomposed with Koulibaly. In midfield there is Zielinski, given the absence of Allan due to injury, while in attack for the Azzurri there will be Mertens and Milik. In Rome, space for Mancini in midfield. From the first minute also Pastore behind Dzeko.

Rome (4-2-3-1): Pau Lopez, Spinazzola, Cetin, Smalling, Kolarov; Mancini, Veretout; Zaniolo, Pastore, Kluivert, Dzeko. To avail. Fuzato, Mirante, Jesus, Perotti, Under, Santon, Florenzi, Antonucci.

Naples (4-4-2): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Manolas, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Callejon, Zielinski, Fabian, Insigne; Mertens, Milik. To avail. Ospina, Karnezis, Llorente, Elmas, Luperto, Maksimovic, Hysaj, Younes, Tonelli, Gaetano.

13.50 – We go towards Manolas and Mario Rui from the first minute and in attack Mertens-Milik.

13:45 – There will be 500 fans in the Guest Sector of the Olympic stadium for the match against Roma. To bring it back is Sky Sports, which reports how a very detailed security plan has been implemented for the usual alert that exists in all Rome-Naples.

13:30 – What training for the Rome challenge? Carlo Ancelotti is leafing through the daisy to untie the last knots. The first is the one related to Manolas, who after three rounds of absence due to injury should make it back to the holders. In attack there should be Mertens next to Milik, Mario Rui is in defense and Insigne will be confirmed on the left lane in front of the Portuguese. These are the last lines of the challenge that Ancelotti will not see among the protagonists.

Good afternoon dear friends of and welcome to the direct text of Rome-Naples! After the dust unleashed by Giacomelli's arbitration in Napoli-Atalanta, the Azzurri return to the field and start from a commitment that is nothing short of complicated. It starts again from Rome, from the Olympic stadium that often gave joys, in a very delicate moment both for what concerns the classification and the mental status. Napoli will have to react as a great team, in the house of a team that precedes it in the standings, without its leader: just the news of the confirmation of the disqualification of Carlo Ancelotti, expelled in the final convulsion of Napoli-Atalanta, which will therefore only go in the stands today. Fonseca's Rome has one more point it seems to have found the certainties, in the capital it tells of a new era. The latest results are all in favor of the Giallorossi, with the new coach who seems to have identified the squaring of the circle. In fact, for Naples, winning today would have the flavor of a company.



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