damage is counted today November 8, 2019


santa marinella air horn 8 November 2019
An air horn crashed on Santa Marinella and caused damage in several areas. There are also problems with the oratory of Via dei Fiori.

Santa Marinella, air horn in the city

Bad awakening for the inhabitants of Santa Marinella who, today, Friday 8 November 2019, around 5 am attended an air horn slowly approaching the city center.

From first he threw some boats parked near the pier, then he crossed the city hurling some tree branches on the ground, making the passage difficult.

Not only that, there are also damages near the oratory of via dei Fiori where some games for children would have been overturned.

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Fortunately, no harm was done to people.

Repertoire photo.

Santa MarinellaTrumpet of air

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