Roberto Saviano attacks Matteo Salvini on Liliana Segre: "Minimizes. His is xenophobic propaganda"


Roberto Saviano attacks Matteo Salvini also on the case of Liliana Segre, the life senator who was assigned the buffer stock after too many insults and threats: "La sovereign policy use theanti-Semitic hatred as fuel. Liliana Segre is under guard and Salvini minimizes ". And again:" Salvini's xenophobic propaganda is the problem that Italian democracy does not have the strength to face: what happened to Senator Segre is the proof. "Too bad the leader of the League has said exactly this: "I also receive threats, every day. The threats against Segre, against Salvini, against anyone are very serious ". Not exactly xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda … But Mr. Gomorrah may not have wanted to hear those words.

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