Bolivia, even the army against Morales. The president announced his resignation: "I have the obligation to work for peace"


The Bolivian president Evo Morales renounces the presidency. The announcement arrived at 16.51 local time (Italian 21.51), local media reported. The country's leader issued a statement from the city of Chimore, in the department of Cochabamba: "I have an obligation to work for peace. And it hurts me a lot that there are clashes between Bolivians. It hurts that some civic committees and parties that have lost the elections have sparked violence and aggression, "he explained. "It is for this and other reasons that I am giving up my post by sending my letter to the multinational Parliament." The communication comes close to the resignation presented by the President of the Lower House of Parliament and two government ministers: the first is Victor Borda, who announced it after the demonstrators set fire to his home in Potosi and took his brother hostage. Resignations also submitted by the owner of the Hydrocarbons, Luis Alberto Sanchez, and from that of the Mines, Cesar Navarro, whose house has also been burned.

Shortly before, the commander of the Bolivian army, the general Williams Carlos Kaliman Romero, had asked the ruling leader for 13 years to "renounce his mandate" for "the good of our Bolivia". Reading a statement, the high-ranking official stated that this position was taken "in the face of the escalation of the conflict that runs through the country and to safeguard the life and safety of the population". "After analyzing the situation of internal conflict," the document says, "we suggest that the President of the State renounce his mandate, allowing the pacification and maintenance of stability for the good of our Bolivia". The Bolivian media recently announced that Morales has left the country: they report that the presidential plane has left the airport El Alto, near La Paz, to an unconfirmed destination. News sources speculate that he is traveling to Argentina, but Mauricio Macri's government has denied offering political asylum to the Bolivian outgoing president. He makes it known El Clarin.

Morales has announced the convocation of new elections because he wants to try to stop the protests that the country is going through since the previous vote on October 20th: the population accuses him of manipulating the results and of having declared himself the winner against the candidate of the right, Carlos Mesa. However, he did not say whether he intends to reapply or not. The recommendation to convene voters again at the polls had already arrived fromOrganization of American States (Osa), who prepared a preliminary report on the previous vote. The document, reports the state news agency Abi, “Indicates that taking into account the statistical projections, it is possible that the candidate Morales is in first place and that the candidate Carlos Mesa have the second. However, it is statistically unlikely that Morales got 10% difference to avoid a run-off. "


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