The report cards of Juventus – Dybala enters and decides. CR7 the worst


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The report cards of Juventus - Dybala enters and decides. CR7 the worst

Final result: Juventus-Milan 1-0

Szczesny 6.5 – At the 24th he becomes the protagonist of a plastic parade on Paqueta's header. Attentive and always on the piece, he keeps a treacherous Milan at bay.

Cuadrado 6 – The best news was given by Paratici in the pre-race: "Renewal is one step away". In the game, better when he can push even if it is not in his lane that Milan creates the most dangerous occasions.

Bonucci 6.5 – Guide Juventus in a more complicated evening than expected, against a Milan player who played one of the most beautiful seasonal competitions.

De Ligt 6 – Often he hires personal duels with Piatek and almost always comes out well.

Alex Sandro 6 – In trouble when Milan attacks. On his lane, Pioli's team has room to make themselves dangerous because the Brazilian has not received a big help from Matuidi. Better in the second half.

Bentancur 6 – Participate in the action of the goal, a detail that makes sufficient a performance that up to Dybala's goal lived more than shadows.

Pjanic 6 – After a first half on the sidelines he too grows in the recovery.

Matuidi 5.5 – One of the worst of the first half: he doesn't push and doesn't help Alex Sandro. It grows in the second half, but at 71st it is forced to go out due to a physical problem. From the 71st Rabiot 6 – Get into the game well, immediately give practical help to your companions.

Bernardeschi 5.5 – Sarri gives him another opportunity, but he struggles in this role. It becomes stuck in individual bets and almost always avoids the simplest play. Better in the marking of Bennacer than in the possession phase. From the 61st Douglas Costa 6.5 – It starts the action from which the goal that decides the game is born.

Cristiano Ronaldo 4.5 – Insufficient performance. He moves all over the offensive front to hurt Milan, but Romagnoli and his mates don't even tickle. It is not at best physically and it shows. Half a vote less for the reaction at the time of the right change: row straight into the locker room without sitting on the bench with his companions. From the 55th Dybala 7.5 – He's the game man. He decides it with a champion gesture, with a billiard stroke after evading Romagnoli's marking. In the miraculous finale Donnarummma that denies him the joy of scoring.

Higuain 7 – In the first 55 minutes he is the only Juventus player able to trouble Milan defenders. In the other 39 – with Dybala in place of Ronaldo – the music changes for him too: his assist for his 1-0 goal.

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