Alvino: "Naples, shameful facts! Someone is romanticizing to hurt the club"


Carlo Alvino, journalist of the sports editor of Kiss Kiss Napoli, analyzed the difficult moment that the Ancelotti team is going through.

The reporter from Kiss Kiss Napoli, Carlo Alvino, has issued some statements to the microphones of TV Luna commenting on what is happening at home in Naples. These are his words: "Naples is experiencing a bad time and here nobody wants to say the opposite. We accept the reality. But I also say that someone took advantage of this moment to do the evil of Naples, romanticizing the facts a little. There were Whatsapp audio which are absolutely not true ".

Carlo Alvino then added: "What is happening these days is really shameful, nobody wants to minimize what is happening. I do not accept, however, that false things are said for the sole pleasure of doing the evil of Naples. We remain fans of this team despite all the difficulties. We must try to be united, compact in this delicate moment. Only in this way will we have the hope of being able to recover. " These words certainly have to be signed.

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