Napoli in retreat at Castel Volturno to prepare for the match against Genoa: latest news


Team in Castel Volturno for the "classic retreat" in view of the championship match against Genoa. The decision, entrusted to Carlo Ancelotti, came after the last training session at the San Paolo played in a climate of protest. The tensions arose from the refusal of the players to go to the retreat imposed by President De Laurentiis after the Salzburg
After the chaos of the post Salzburg, Napoli returns to retreat: however, this is the "classic" rally before the next championship challenge. The team will train in Castel Volturno in the afternoon and will remain in the training center until Saturday, the day of the home game against the Genoa (20.45). Thus, after the release of the company, in which it was delegated to Carlo Ancelotti the task of making these kinds of choices, the coach has decided to prepare the next match in Castel Volturno. So it won't be a forced withdrawal, but on the other hand it could also be a way to find that again communion of intent desired by the president Aurelio De Laurentiis following the clash with the players. The team, as is known, was refused to go to retreat after the Champions League match against Salzburg.

The last training session at the San Paolo

Around 200 subscribers attended the last training session held at the St. Paul on Thursday. Everything happened in a climate of protest, even outside the stadium, where a banner was displayed with the words "Respect!" in front of the area where the players enter.

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