Agnelli Torinese of the Year 2018: 'Without management last 10 years, Juve would be just a memory. It is now the leader in Europe '| First page


This evening Juve-Milan, but for the bianconeri the day begins already with a prize: for the president Andrea Agnelli, appointed 'Torinese of the year 2018'as part of the' Work Loyalty and Economic Progress' awards at the Turin Chamber of Commerce.The words of Juventus number one: "It's an honor for me – he reports – even if I am not particularly open to receiving all these compliments: it is not a person but the group that makes the difference. Without the passion and the investments of the last 10 years, Juventus would have been one of the many excellences of this city, an excellence with many wrinkles. It would have been just a memory. In 10 years we have tripled the workforce and Juventus has attracted almost 400 million investments. Today it is instead a leading European company, which in recent years has gone from 250 people employed, between members and non-members, to almost 800, with a significant social / occupational impact on our territory. We are an industrial reality, in the modern sense of the term, which has attracted over 350 million investments in Turin, to redevelop and change the face of a part of the Turin area, and we are a recognized and recognizable brand all over the world. We started from a simple thought: Juventus equal football. We built all the rest on this. This award does not go to a single person but to a whole group that has been able to decide based on priorities. We must have the determination to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, without changing our minds. "

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