Actions ready for the bullish explosion on Wall Street


American markets are now getting us used to positive trends. But what are the actions ready for the bullish explosion on Wall Street? By a bullish explosion we mean a particular market situation in which a stock from a substantially lateral phase enters an upward trend. This condition is usually defined as ideal for making money on the markets, especially if the rise is substantial.

How to identify actions with strong potential on the markets

Among the many, one of the characteristics that makes a stock appealing is its being undervalued. Investing in such actions can lead to interesting gains and it is necessary for this purpose to implement some well-defined trading strategies. A careful analysis of company fundamentals, for example, creates the overall picture of the health status of a security. And that title, which may be found graphically in negative terrain due to temporary contingencies, could be ready for a bullish explosion thanks to its positive fundamentals. Let's try to make an example considering the actions of the American list.

Actions ready for the bullish explosion on Wall Street: Intel Corporation

A security is considered undervalued when its market price is lower than the overall value of the company. When factors like business fundamentals is quarterly reports they are very positive but the trend of the stock is slightly against the trend, then it could be an undervaluation. Intel Corporation (INTC) is a useful example for this purpose.

Company data Intel Corporation

There is little to say about the soundness of a company like Intel and the data reported speak for themselves. But if we look at the trend of the title, a slight discrepancy is clear.

Intel Corporation share price analysis

Apart from the collapse at the end of May, probably due to the Trade War issue, the stock showed signs of real recovery. The current resistance of $ 58, coinciding with its annual maximum, seems therefore to be fundamental. If exceeded it could lead in the medium term to reaching the level of 60 $. Another interesting goal would be a share of $ 74 per share, which remains the level of historical maximum reached in the most flourishing period for technology stocks, ie before the bubble of DotCom in 2000.

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