Vert & Or: a surprise victory that makes you talk


The Vert & Or of the University of Sherbrooke caused the surprise of the year in the RSEQ with the Carabins of the University of Montreal, Saturday in Estrie.

"No one in the country had seen our victory come," said head coach Mathieu Lecompte about the 23-15 win against the Blues. We did not manage two or three lucky games to win, but we dominated from A to Z. It will open our eyes about our team. This victory is the first step on the road waiting for the Vert & Or in the future. It's our biggest win since I've been here. "

Lecompte wants this victory against the Carabins to have a significant impact on recruitment.

"Beyond the two points in the standings, the recruitment war is the most important aspect. There were 51 rookies, most of them in Division 1, who attended the match in front of an electric crowd of more than 7,000 people. These young people will start to believe in what we are doing. It was a big recruitment moment. I hope they will make the decision to make a difference and change the history of the RSEQ which, let's say it, is redundant. "


Lecompte mentions that three recruits have confirmed their arrival with the Vert & Or after the match, but he prefers not to identify newcomers until their college season is over.

Less than 24 hours after defeating the Carabins, his first victory against the Blues since October 3, 2015, the Vert & Or has returned to work.

"We celebrated after the game, but we were back to work this morning (Sunday)," said Lecompte. We lived the moment, but we came back both feet on the ground. I passed the message. We are aware of our profile (2-4) and we are far from satisfied. "

Vert & Or will play in next Saturday's playoffs by hosting the Concordia Stingers (1-5).

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