Patrick Balkany in prison: this affectionate nickname given by his fellow prisoners


Patrick Balkany, convicted of tax fraud, is incarcerated at the prison of Health in Paris. The politician has woven some links with fellow inmates, who have given him a nickname very cute.

Patrick Balkany is serving his sentence at Health in Paris, after being sentenced to four years in prison for tax evasion. His wife Isabelle Balkany was also sentenced to three years in prison but remains at liberty because of her state of health. During the incarceration of her husband, the acting mayor of Levallois-Perret did not hide his concern to the press, saying to himself "upset, bruised, sad"and"proud"who has shared his life for 43 years.

That Isabelle Balkany reassures herself: according to BFMTV, her husband has sympathized with other prisoners, even if he remains rather discreet and rarely leaves his cell of 9 square meters. "He never goes out in the promenade yard. The only prisoners he meets are those who bring his meals every day. He has forged ties of friendship with them"says the media, which states that his new knowledge has attributed the affectionate nickname of"dad".

Does he benefit from preferential treatment? According to Erwan Saoudi, regional delegate Force Ouvrière-Pénitentiaire, "there is no more, little luxury or things that are granted to him and that would not be granted to someone elseThe politician sleeps in a cell located on the floor of vulnerable people, alongside the condemned media personalities, and isolated from other prisoners.

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