Callejon Mertens, the maxi fine recalls Dalian and Shanghai


Callejon and Mertens can anticipate the farewell to Napoli in January

After the mutiny of Napoli's players after the match against Salzburg, the president De Laurentiis thought of a punitive maxi fine. As reported by today's edition of Corriere dello Sport, the president may withhold a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 25% of the gross monthly salary. The amount is proportionate to the seriousness of the breach. This decision may risk anticipating the farewell of Jose Callejon is Dries Mertens.

Chinese sirens for Callejon and Mertens

"The six million net (and there are twelve gross) of Koulibaly equals to five hundred thousand euros of salary (for twelve payrolls) and they make a one hundred twenty five thousand euro fine; a little less for Lozano, Insigne and Mertens (who sway between four and a half years and five) and then slide downwards, reaching three and a half Callejon, 2.5 of Milik and Allan but also of Llorente, however, arrived in August, at Zielinski's two: the sum, which makes an unexpected and remarkable total, floats well over a million (gross) overall fine. But it is clear that diplomacy is also at work, so that peace can be achieved. The "riot" is likely to have side effects. In January, if the Chinese were to get serious, they would "risk" to anticipate the zero-farewells of Mertens and Callejon, subjects of the desire of Shanghai and Dalian Yifang ".

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