GNW: Sodexo wins the Tech for Good Award for the eCAC40 2019 Trophies


Paris, October 15, 2019 – On the occasion of the 6th eCAC40 Trophies organized by Les Echos, Sodexo was honored with the Tech For Good Award. This distinction rewards Sodexo's digital transformation as a lever for sustainable and responsible growth, particularly in the fight against food waste.

The eCAC40 trophies assess the digital competitiveness of CAC 40 companies by analyzing their digital performance and their ability to transform into the digital age. Ranked 27th when it entered the eCAC40 in 2017, Sodexo has since made significant progress, earning the 10th place this year and winning first prize in the Tech for Good category.

Belen Moscoso Del Prado, Sodexo's Director of Digital & Innovation explains: "At Sodexo, we believe that technology can help us not only accelerate growth, but also achieve more sustainable growth, thereby enhancing the positive impact of our business. We believe that improving our digital capabilities will improve the well-being of our people, reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers make informed and responsible choices. "Our digital transformation is an adventure – an adventure that blends technological advances The Tech for Good Award is a great recognition of the progress we have made, rewarding our efforts to enhance our positive impact. "

Technology at the heart of Sodexo's fight against food waste

As a major player in the collective catering industry and serving 100 million consumers on a daily basis, Sodexo has made the fight against food waste one of its main concerns. The Group is committed to reducing food waste by 50% across its entire value chain by 2025. The introduction of digital tools is key to accelerating the achievement of this ambitious goal.

In May 2019, Sodexo announced the worldwide launch of its data-based food waste reduction program: WasteWatch powered by Leanpath, which enables on-site teams to measure kitchen waste and reduce waste. understand the reasons for it by quickly entering and analyzing data. With this information, they can put in place concrete actions and initiate cultural and behavioral changes to reduce waste. The pilot sites show a 50% reduction on average of the food wasted.

Technology as a way to restore power to consumers

Sodexo is also aware that consumers are paying ever greater attention to the impact of their food choices, both on their health and on the planet. They demand more transparency and digital makes it possible to enlighten their choices so that it is as responsible as possible. Today, thanks to applications such as Mindful, Wandoo or SoHappy, Sodexo can have direct contact with its consumers and inform them about the composition of menus, allergens, calorie intake.

Technology as a vector for training and retaining talent

This digital transformation is only possible if all employees are transported across the Group so that they can play an active role in this transformation. Sodexo trains its employees in new technologies and increases their skills so that they understand the jobs of tomorrow. Virtual reality modules for safety trainings in kitchens have proven effective by reducing the number of accidents. With the Digital Passport, Sodexo introduces innovative formats that increase engagement and integration.

About Sodexo

Founded in 1966 in Marseille by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo is the world leader in services to improve Quality of Life, an essential factor in the performance of individuals and organizations. Present in 72 countries, Sodexo serves 100 million consumers daily with a unique offering of On-Site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services, and Home and Personal Services. Sodexo offers its customers an integrated service offering, the result of more than 50 years of experience: from catering to reception, cleanliness, maintenance and technical maintenance of equipment and installations, services and programs stimulating employees' commitment to solutions that simplify and optimize the management of travel and business expenses, as well as home help services, creches and concierge services. Sodexo's success and performance is based on its independence, its sustainable business model, and its ability to ensure the development and engagement of its 460,000 employees worldwide.

Sodexo is a member of the CAC 40, FTSE 4 Good and DJSI indices.

Key figures (as of August 31, 2018)

20.4 billion euros in consolidated revenue 460,000 employees 19th world private employer 72 countries 100 million consumers every day 15.4 billion euros in market capitalization (as at 5 July 2019)



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