Stocks opened up 6.63 points at 1,635.01. – innnews


The investment climate in the Thai stock market this morning (26 Sep) opened at 10:00 am. The index rose 6.63 points to 1,635.01 with a turnover of 2,089.73 million baht.

While KTB Securities (Thailand) expects a slight upward trend – probably with a narrow swing As well as Asian stock markets this morning, can be combined small, aiming for positive factors from the US trade war. And China relaxed After President Donald Trump said the US would be able to enter into trade agreements with China faster than expected. Causing the market to look positive And the stable oil price does not put pressure on the market Make today stocks in the energy group And petrochemicals may increase

Along with 1,620 support and 1,635 resistance

As for the exchange rate of baht per US dollar Of Kasikorn Bank, latest at 08.00 hrs. Are as follows: US dollar bought at 29.40 baht, sold out 30.75 baht

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