Prosecutors asked seven years in prison for journalist Lucas Carrasco for one of the rape accusations


Prosecutor Ariel Yapur he asked for seven years in prison for the journalist Lucas Carrascoaccused by a young woman of "sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access" in 2013. On the other hand, he considered that Carrasco should be acquitted for the second complaint of rape, made by a young woman who requested an identity reservation and who today declared behind closed doors.

In the morning, during his defense, Carrasco had said "I could have unleashed someone but I am not a rapist". That is what prosecutor Yapur (known for his key role in the trial of the activist Diana Sacayán's crime, where he asked to be called "transvesticide" to make hate crimes visible) referred to during his allegation:

"To have forced to the victim To have anal intercourse exceeds the consent she had given to have sex. She let him know that he was being uncomfortable, that he did not want, that it hurt, and he, far from stopping, used all his physical strength to submit it to his designs. This is not a stratum, a machirulism: this is a violation".

He understood that of Sofia Otero, who on Tuesday told his story in Infobae and today he extended his statement against the Judge Ana Diet of Herrero, was a truthful story, sustained over time, despite the efforts he made to try to forget. "

The judge is the same one who requested 35 years in prison for singer Cristian Aldana, convicted in July for sexual abuse and corruption of minors. In addition, it is one of those that integrated the court that condemned Mangeri for sexual abuse and femicide of Angeles Rawson.

Yapur, in turn, mentioned the statements of the two forensic Medical Corps experts, who confirmed that he was detected "posttraumatic chronic stress disorder."

Firmly, he assured that It is a case of gender violence. As a framework, he cited CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women), which states that It is an obligation of the State to eliminate all types of violence, including sexual violence.. Afterwards, he requested a sentence of 7 years in prison (the crime provides for penalties between 6 and 15 years) and requested that the costs fall on Carrasco.

The allegations: "sexual freedom"

In the allegations, Matías Busso, the complainant lawyer of Sofía Otero, reviewed the facts before Carrasco's gaze (he listened seriously, arms crossed) and He asked for a nine-year prison sentence for the journalist.

(Sofia's …) "is not another testimony, it is the testimony of a victim of sexual violence," Busso said. And he cited international failures in which it is explained that sexual violence occurs in the absence of other people, for which one cannot expect the existence of graphic evidence, and where "the declaration of the victims constitutes a fundamental proof".

He said that what is being defended in this trial is "sexual freedom, freedom of enjoyment, women's freedom to do what they want to do and not do what they don't want to do".

And he added that Carrasco, who became known for his work in the program 6,7,8, "could not not have heard the screams, had not heard the cries, something that confirms the intent, because when she (Sofia) yelled "How long were you going to go on? I told you I didn't want to," he replied: "Until you get used to it."

He spoke – so did his colleague in the complaint – of asymmetric relationship that there was between Sofia and Carrasco at that time: he was a reference in the journalism that supported Kirchnerism, she was a 21-year-old La Cámpora militant. And he finished: "Rapes are not matters of sex, they are acts of power".

The allegations, part two: "The healthy children of patriarchy"

Natalia D'Alessandro, also part of the complaint, requested that the crime be tried with a gender perspective. And he talked about the laws on gender violence, which explicitly mention sexual violence also within consensual relationships, such as dating, marriages, casual sex.

"A sexual relationship that begins with consent may vary. An act can be non-consensual and transform into a violation, "he said. Then, he talked about" gender stereotypes that women face "and listed myths valid around the sexual violence, with the intention of pointing them out and banishing them to arrive "to a just sentence."

One of the myths is the belief that the crime of what we commonly know as rape "happens by strangers, someone who attacks on public roads. This myth is still valid even when we know that the majority of abuses occur in family contexts and when victims know the aggressor. "

Another, he continued in his allegation, is that abusers "have a mental illness. Within the women's movement there are clear phrases that speak of this: Abusers are healthy children of patriarchy. There is nothing sick there"The next one is that" only virgin women are violated, "that is, when a woman expresses her sexual desires" there we begin to ask the victims for explanations. "

The other myth he mentioned is "the scope of no" and the belief of
that women "say no but they really mean yes." In all this context, he continued, to prove a violation they are required to have had "heroic behavior", "that has put an excessive resistance", not knowing that the myths "so deep" that the victims themselves have trouble identifying the violence.

Then he talked about stereotype of the bad and the good victims: "For the victims of a robbery, for example, nobody is going to ask them to prove they are good victims, to prove that they did not deserve someone to steal them. The only ones we have to prove that we did not deserve to be abused, we are women. "

He said that Sofia was able to reach this instance because she managed to "weave containment networks" thanks to the feminist organization. What "the mantra 'I believe you, sister' " It allows today that "the woman who was sexually outraged feels that she will find another couple who will believe her, who will accompany her and will not judge her."

He closed with a phrase, which moved many of those who were in the room, on the 6th floor of Talcahuano 550: "Just as it stopped being a delirium to show that there are rapes within marriages, it cannot be a delirium to qualify like this to a relationship that starts being spoiled and in the middle ends up being abusive. We don't shut up anymore. "

The trial is scheduled to end on September 11 in the morning, when Carrasco's defense reads his allegations and the sentence is handed down.

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