Milan, the man more than Pioli: Theo Hernandez is the true goal scorer


MILAN – It was no coincidence that the most important victory of the Milan championship so far was signed by Theo Hernandez. The French left-back is the extra player on the Rossoneri team. After yesterday's goal in Parma (3rd in this league) he also became the team's best seasonal scorer reaching Piatek, Milan's sad face despite Tardini's victory.

Breaking element

Theo Hernandez, 22, was the real rupture between the Giampaolo management and the Pioli management. Giulianova's coach had used him after the initial stop caused by the accident remedied in the summer. But his performance was not as devastating as the current one. It is with Pioli that Theo Hernandez becomes Milan's most dangerous offensive weapon, even at the cost of opening some defensive flaws in the grid. But in the overall evaluation of Pioli the benefits of the thrust of the former Real Madrid are clearly higher. At Milanello the conviction is that the left side is strong and still has ample room for improvement.

Maldini's bet

It is also a success for Paolo Maldini. The purchase of Theo Hernandez was mainly desired by the former Rossoneri captain who personally convinced the player to choose Milan with a personal blitz in Ibiza. From left back to left back. Taking into consideration the last three Milan market sessions, from the departure of Fassone and Mirabelli onwards, Theo Hernandez is perhaps the most successful purchase and changed the face of Milan. An important card to play for Maldini who, together with the rest of the Rossoneri leadership, will be assessed at the end of the season by the property. The Elliott Fund has invested a lot since July 2018 onwards. Market operations have not always produced satisfactory results. The 20 million spent on Theo Hernandez certainly do not fall into this category.

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