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The smiles of Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet who win the first stage of the World Cup on the water of the 2020 Olympics ....
The smiles of Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet who win the first stage of the World Cup on the water of the 2020 Olympics …. (Pedro Martinez)

The Blues shone on Saturday, day of the finals of the first stage of the Olympic Sailing World Cup, with the gold medal of the Vannet Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet in Nacra 17, the gold of the Carnacois Louis Giard in RS: X. In 49er FX, Briochine Julie Bossard and Aude Compan won bronze, as did Briochin Pierre Le Coq in RS: X.

A gold medal in Nacra 17, which raises the game in the race to the selection for the 2020 Olympics since duets Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet were considered outsiders facing multiple world champions Billy Besson and Marie Riou (Brest ), 7th of this World Cup. This victory on the water of the OJ changes the deal and redistributes the cards.

Bronze for Julie Bossard and Aude Compan in 49er FX.
Bronze for Julie Bossard and Aude Compan in 49er FX. (Pedro Martinez)

The performance of Julie Bossard and Aude Compan in 49er FX, 5th in the Medal Race and premiere of the World Cup Finals final in Marseille in June, who finish on the 3rd step of the podium, also suggests that nothing is done for the selection with the other tricolor duo Lili Sibesi and Albane Dubois.

In windsurfing RS: X, Charline Picon, silver medalist last week in Japan during the Test Event, took the 6th place.

Giard: "A very good thing to win here at one year of the Olympics …"

On the boys' side, if Briochin's Pierre Le Coq, the bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics, was in the lead before the start of the final, he had to settle for bronze in a heat dominated by the Carnacois Louis Giard, winner of the Medal Race and this World Cup. "I'm really happy, I raced in front end to end. I was a little upset with myself after my two mistakes the day before, so I wanted to do well on this Medal Race. Winning here in Enoshima, a year before the Olympics, it's a must. "

The two Breton skateboarders remain close to each other for the selection at the 2020 Olympics. We wish a lot of pleasure to the selection committee to choose the athletes for Tokyo 2020.
And this beautiful harvest of medals may not be over since Sunday will be the finals in four series: Laser, Radial, Finn and 470. With a Jean-Baptiste Bernaz in 2nd position in Laser …

Louis Giard flew over the Medal Race. (SAILING ENERGY)
Two Bretons, two medals: Louis Giard in gold, Pierre Le Coq in bronze (Pedro Martinez)


Quentin Delapierre: "We cross the finish line of the Medal Race in the lead, I say to myself" great we made a podium "but Guillaume Chiellino, the director of the team of France, who was coordinating us this week, comes to see us to tell us We did not expect it at all, we were really happy, there was really all the best on this regatta, a year ago we set goals and one of the best The goal was to go to the Test Event and have a great performance, we were there, but we did not perform, and we did a lot better this week, so when we started in September, I thought We were in the top ten, it would be pretty good, and this morning I was going on the water and I thought it was playable and there were very few points separating us from the first ones. these are times when you have to go all the way and have nothing to regret.The icing on the cake is that we fought all Along the way, with the Italians, the reigning world champions and the Test Event winners, we manage to pass them on the second edge. You had to really stay calm and not let them pass in front of you. It was great to feel that we were focused and in the game, on the water of the games with a superb fleet. "

Manon Audinet: "There were not many rounds at this World Cup but we managed to make good places to be able to play a podium, even a victory on the Medal Race, this is the first time that it happens to us, it's great ! We arrived on this Medal Race without pressure because we had more to gain than everything to lose. It makes navigation easier on that day. It was a great opportunity to be able to link directly after the Test Event on the same body of water and can immediately work specific points. We have really progressed this week on many points. It's great, the results are rather positive. The Medal Race was really sporty and intense, we fought to the end with the Italian for the victory "

Louis Giard: "It was an intense week! Winning here at one year of the Games, it feels good! I took a lot of trouble to be on top and win gives me confidence. The level with the competitors was super tight and I finally won on a very beautiful Medal Race where I stayed in front from the beginning to the end. This week, we had a lot of wind, up to 29 knots on some races, with a very shaped sea, which inevitably adds difficulty. It was even a little tense sometimes. But these are conditions where I feel particularly comfortable. With Pierre, we both wanted to make a beautiful World Cup. He also had a great week. "

Pierre Le Coq: " I'm very happy. It was a complicated week with the breeze and I competed with very strong competitors in this type of conditions. I think that the fastest in the world were present this week, and it's probably them that we will find at the Games next year. It gives me confidence for the future. I think I was the most regular of the week, but we were all very tight and I made a small mistake on the start of the Medal Race. But what I remember first and foremost is that Enoshima can show us very different faces and that I am able to make podiums here in very different conditions. If I can qualify for the Games, I will not be at all worried about this body of water, I'm not afraid of anything. I am very fit to start our world championship in Italy at the end of September. "

Julie Bossard: It's a great week with only six races on the clock and a very variable weather. We did really well with even a 2nd place overall before the Medal Race. Our training paid well, because even in the big time, we managed our boat. Finally, we are 3rd, behind the best in the world and in front of very strong crews. It's a great reward to succeed at the Games site, but each regatta is unique. Our next deadline is the World Championships in New Zealand in early December where the goal will be to select France in 49er FX for the Olympic Games: a big challenge. ".

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