two women sprayed with acid on the terrace of a Marseillan restaurant


Illustration image of a gendarmerie vehicle. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

It was shortly before midnight on Friday evening that two women were attacked with an acid product, on a terrace of Marseillan, near Agde, in Herault. The two victims, who were at the restaurant "Le couscous d'Anice", are 38 and 47 years old, they were rushed to the nearest hospital, reports
France 3.

They came out this Saturday morning, no trace of visible burn, according to our colleagues.

Flagrant offense of adultery

According to the gendarmerie, this is a settlement of account against the background of adultery. The author of the attack would be a woman who would have surprised her husband, seated on the terrace of this restaurant with his mistress. The wife then poured a car cleaner on her "rival". The second victim is an employee of the restaurant, affected during the dispute.

Both victims decided not to complain.



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