Mouscron hangs equalizer in extra time in Mechelen


Mouscron hangs the equalizer in extra time in Mechelen – © JASPER JACOBS – BELGA

Mouscron managed to win the tie against Mechelen (2-2) in overtime. The meeting was quite lively. Allagui first missed a whistled penalty in favor of Mouscron (19th). Camargo took advantage five minutes later to open the scoring for his own. Allagui was catching up on equalizing (28th). But Kaya made the advantage in Mechelen in the wake (29th). The Malinois thought they had done the hardest in preserving the score. Until the … 92nd minute and the tying goal of De Medina. Mechelen stagnates at the top of the standings, second with eleven points. Mouscron does the same, with the same total, but given the scenario of the match, the Hurlus can celebrate this result.

From the first period, both teams have justified their place in the standings by offering the public a pleasant show. It was Mouscron who had the opportunity to score first but Sami Allagui completely missed his shot and the frame on a penalty kick he had himself (13th). It was therefore Mechelen with a header from Igor De Camargo who unlocked the scorer in the 19th minute. Allagui however was quick to be forgiven by equalizing an opportunistic deviation after a kicking shot by Fabrice Olinga (27th).

This quarter hour of fire was punctuated in the 29th by the goal of the 2-1 Malinois Onur Kaya but whose merits are to share with Dante Vanzeir, author of a breakthrough on the left flank.

After a well deserved rest, Mouscron tried to take over his opponent in the second half. The Hurlus have partially succeeded, collecting only interesting but unsuccessful combinations. Stubborn, the Mouscronois did not give up and ended up equalizing in stoppage time with a header from Nathan Medina (90 + 2).

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