The opening on Sunday, a boon for hypermarkets and supermarkets


What is the impact of opening supermarkets on Sundays? While a Casino hypermarket near Angers opened on Sunday afternoon without a cashier arousing the concern of unions and the anger of yellow vests, a study by Nielsen shows that Sunday opening cannibalize those of others days of the week.

Admittedly, Sunday weighs only 4.5% of sales but it represents 41% of its growth in 2019 according to this study by the panelist. "The turnover achieved by mass retail on Sunday is growing year by year, with a significant growth of 8.6% since the beginning of 2019, or 41% of the total gains of large retailers this year" observes the study, made public just after the first opening on Sunday afternoon of a Casino hypermarket equipped with automatic cash machines in Angers.

And supermarkets open this summer on Sundays are more numerous. "More than 78% of hypermarkets and supermarkets," says Nielsen. The law prohibits supermarkets to employ employees after 13 hours on Sundays, except in the "ZTI", or international tourist areas. But many shops are already bypassing the law by opening Sundays with automatic cash registers and staff from outside companies.

Hypermarkets take full advantage of Sunday

At Casino, 82 supermarkets were already opening on Sunday before the brand's first hypermarket on August 25 in Angers. According to Nielsen, convenience stores (supermarkets and supermarkets in urban centers) make the best sales on Sundays, with 10% of their turnover that day. The clientele is "rather young and well-off" and the products are mainly "troubleshooting" products (like déboucheurs) and festive products (smoked salmon …)

With 30.5% growth on Sunday, hypermarkets are at the forefront of the growth observed in 2019. The mass retailers are tirelessly trying to expand their opening hours and days, citing the competition of online commerce. "Consumers, especially younger ones, are now used to being able to buy everything, anytime, via the internet," says the Federation of Commerce and Distribution.

If in Nice, Toulon and Paris, the weight of the sales realized on Sunday exceeds 6% of the total of the turnover, in Angers, where only 3 out of 10 supermarkets are opened, the turnover realized on Sunday remains modest: 1.6%, according to Nielsen.

Casino, for its part, has made 500 cash passages on Sunday afternoon in its hypermarket in Angers, against 1,000 to 1,200 on Sunday morning. "The goal is to do the same thing in the afternoon as in the morning," said a spokeswoman.

The opening in the afternoon with four cashiers and eight vigils outside the Casino group had been stormy Sunday, August 25, with some 200 demonstrators present at the call of the CGT.

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