at least 5 dead and 20 wounded


At least one man aboard a van opened fire on passersby this Saturday afternoon shortly after 4 pm (local time, 11 pm in Paris) in Texas, United States. There could be two shooters. The latest report by a police spokesman reports 5 dead and more than 20 injured.

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0:55. New record of at least 5 dead and more than 20 wounded according to a spokesman of the police.

0:35. A suspect was shot dead by police in Odessa in a movie theater, officials say. This is the author of the shootings according to the release. "There are no other shooters right now" can also read.

0:10. At least one suspect was arrested in Midland according to a local radio station. In addition, three police officers are among the wounded victims.

0:05. At least 2 victims have died says the mayor of Midland. "They fired at random (on the victims)", he added.

11:45 p.m.. The situation is still confused and the police are in the process of intervention. At least one man opened fire on passersby in Odessa and Midland, Texas this Saturday afternoon. He is actively sought.

Midland police say in a statement the possibility of two fencers in two different vehicles. One would travel aboard a vehicle of the USPS (US Post).

At least 30 people were injured by gunfire report several US media.

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