A motorist rushes to the stand of a market accidentally and makes 4 wounded


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The elderly driver hit a stand and a parked car. Four people were mowed in the accident.

This Saturday around 10 am, a driver lost control of her car by doing a maneuver. She ran into a stand in the Sablé market in the Sarthe and hit the car of a trader who was parked.

Four wounded including one serious

It is this parked vehicle which, under the impact of the impact, has cut four pedestrians, reports West France. Three are slightly injured but one of them has been seriously injured.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the driver entered his passenger vehicle with an automatic transmission. It was by wanting to pass on the driver's side that the car set out and crashed into the stand.

The four victims who were taken care of by the relief and conducted to the hospital center of Bailleul.

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