They wore a cap depicting Hitler: 8 Veronese are reported – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The facts go back to the game between Hellas and Bologna last January. The material had already been seized: now the group risks Daspo and a complaint for violation of the Mancino Law

The eight Verona fans who tried to enter the Dall’Ara in Bologna with caps representing the stylized face of Adolf Hitler were reported to the police. The group had already been blocked before the game, at the entrance to the stadium, and the material had been promptly seized. Now the fans risk, in addition to Daspo, also a complaint for violation of the Mancino Law, which punishes any form of incitement to racial hatred.


It is not the first time that Veronese supporters have become protagonists of pro-Nazi episodes: last summer, to celebrate the return of the Giallobl├╣ in Serie A, an ultras group had sung a chorus in which Verona was defined as “a fantastic team made in swastika shape “. And, in 2017, from the stage of a gathering of a group of the Curva Sud, the ultra head Luca Castellini said: “This party was paid for by Adolf Hitler”. “Racists and followers of a criminal”, Vincenzo D’Arienzo, Veronese senator of the Democratic Party, defined them: “Let’s isolate them, our society does not need such people”.

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