Sanremo 2020, the lineup for the second evening


High expectations for the second evening of the Sanremo Festival, after the great success of last night. The conductors who will accompany Amadeus during the broadcast change: they are Laura Chimenti, Sabrina Salerno and Emma D’Aquino. In addition to Fiorello, who will sing the “Classic song of Sanremo”.

Great emotions are expected for special guests in the evening. Starting with Massimo Ranieri, who will duet with Tiziano Ferro: they will sing “Losing love”, and a medley that includes the medley “Sere Nere”, “The greatest gift” and “To say hello to you!”. Zucchero’s return is highly anticipated, absent on the Ariston stage since 2017 (where he participated as a guest). To these are added the presence of Gigi D’Alessio – 20 years after the last time he performed in Sanremo – the Ricchi e Poveri and Paolo Palumbo, 22-year-old singer from Oristano with Sla.

As for the New Proposals, after the eliminations of Fadi and Eugenio in Via di Gioia, 4 artists will compete: Fasma will compete against Martinelli and Lula, and Matteo Faustini against Marco Sentieri.

Tonight all the big names left outside the first night will perform. The first on stage will be Piero Pelù with his “Giant”. Immediately after it will be the moment of “Music (and the rest disappears)”, sung by Elettra Lamborghini. Following: Enrico Nigiotti, Levante, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Tosca, Francesco Gabbani, Paolo Jannacci, Rancore, Junior Cally (on which controversies continue to mount: today he was attacked by Jessica Notaro), Giordana Angi and Michele Zarrillo.

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