January 28 gold prices are on the border! How much is quarter gold and gram buy and sell?


Gold prices plot upwards on the first trading day of the week. The new type of Coronavirus emerging in China has affected the global market. Gold prices, which fell from the level of 306 lira after the US-Iranian tensions to 290 lira, exceeded 300 lira. Experts pointed out that the ounce price of gold rose to $ 1,575.19 after the $ 1,490 resistance was exceeded. As such, gold prices had moved upwards. According to the prices of the Grand Bazaar, as of January 28, gram gold is trading at 301.34 pounds and quarter gold is 492.69 pounds. Will gold increase in the new year? Here are other gold prices including republic gold, half gold, full gold, 22 carat bracelet …

Prices (TL) of 28 January gold types bought and sold in Istanbul Grand Bazaar are as follows:

Gram Gold price

Gram gold is among the gold that small and large investors prefer and buy. Gram gold prices, which had been moving upwards over the past week, started the week with an increase. The gold, which is 301,78 lira, is trading on the free market on Tuesday, 28 January at 301,34 lira.

Quarter Gold price

Quarter gold prices, just like gram gold prices, have moved upwards over the past week. The quarter gold sales price, which is over the sale price of 493.49 lira, is trading at the level of 492.69 lira.

Half Gold price: 985,38 TL

Full Gold price: 1.964,73 TL

Republic Gold price: 2.037,05 TL

Ounce price: 1.575,19 TL

Ata Gold price: 2.037,05 TL

14 K Bracelet price: 171,76 TL

18 Carat Bracelet price: £ 219.98

22 Carat Bracelet price: US $ 274.82

Two and a half Gold price: 4,893.75 TL

Five Gold Price: 9.793,52 TL


Yucel, Turkey’s gold mine that 6 thousand 500 tons of potential reserves of about 500 thousand tons, and it was stated that converted.

Stating that there are several gold production facilities that started operating at the beginning of the year, Yücel said that private sector should be encouraged in mining exploration in order to increase this number. Yucel, “State-aided planning and annual 60 tons of strategy with 5 years and we have imported within 15 years will produce annually 160 tons of gold ability and have the capacity. 160 tons Considering that gold was $ 9 billion, we produce it, but close to $ 1.9 billion. Serious supported Turkey he can close this gap. ”

“1.5 billion dollars of exploration investment and nearly 6 billion dollars of facility investment were made by the private sector,” said Yücel. Yucel, technology in Turkey, in terms of harmony and nature rehabilitation projects, he said that the gold mine field on the world standards.


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