Yellow in Formula 1, too much fuel in Leclerc's car? From Ferrari let them know: "The accounts do not add up"


In Ferrari there is apprehension after the last GP in Abu Dhabi. Regarding the origin of the 50 thousand euro fine that closed the GP, Ferrari still has doubts about the outcome of the measurement during the inspection by the technical delegate of the Federation, which occurred on the machine of Charles Leclerc. In Maranello they conducted an internal analysis, they re-checked all the data and the steps, but they can't explain those 4 kilos and 88 grams of too much found in the tank after the surprise exam.

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According to their calculations, Corriere della Sera wrote on newsstands on Wednesday 4 December, they simply weren't there, they say they couldn't prove it because it wasn't possible (the race was about to begin) to repeat the verification twice. Ferrari does not usually comment on such matters, and has not decided to appeal against the sentence. But if this time you agree to return to the topic, it is to defend the work of the team. To reaffirm its integrity and extinguish the allegations about the Cavallino power unit and its performance.

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