Verona, Juric challenges the master Gasperini: "I learned a lot from him"


VERONA – "For us it was a good week, we worked well as usual and we will try to find the best solutions based on the players available. Playing as a group we will be able to put them in difficulty". Ivan Juric, Verona coach, speaks at a press conference on the eve of tomorrow's match at Atalanta. A particular challenge for him and for Gasperini who is practically his mentor.

"Gasperini has led Atalanta to be a big one"

In addition to being trained by Gasperini at the time of Genoa, at Inter and al Palermo, Juric was the assistant coach of the current Atalantine coach. "He is my teacher and, in my opinion, the best coach in Italy, there is so much of him in me – said Juric speaking of his colleague – He brought Atalanta to be a great one, who plays great and has "Great players. They have an incredible continuity, they continually make progress year after year, while maintaining a team framework. The challenge of next Wednesday in the Champions League against Shakhtar will not affect his choices."

Kumbulla among the reserves, Veloso is fine

Ivan Juric concluded by talking about the physical condition of some Gialloblu players: "Kumbulla will be called, but he will not start from the beginning, he has only done two training sessions partially with the team. Veloso is fine. Pazzini can be useful and he will be, as he is He was against Rome when we were attacking with great continuity. Stepinski is an option for tomorrow's owners. Salcedo? Recovery times will not be short, it's a big loss for us, we were just starting to see its potential "he concluded Juric.

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