Trump refuses to classify Mexican narcos as "terrorists"


WASHINGTON – Trump refrains from classifying Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations. "All the work necessary to declare the Mexican cartels terrorist organizations has been completed. On a legal level we are ready to do so," the president wrote on Twitter. "However – he added – at the request of a man whom I like and respect, and who worked so well with us, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, I will temporarily suspend this designation and strengthen our joint efforts to tackle these organizations decisively fierce and constantly growing ". The Mexican president thanks the US president and speaks of "excellent decision" and asks his colleague to "work together respecting each other's sovereignty".

The classification of Mexican drug traffickers as terrorists would have diplomatic and commercial consequences, prohibitions and impositions. The persons indicated as belonging or connected to the Cartels could no longer enter the US, have support, would be banned; if they were on American territory they would be expelled. It is no longer possible to have commercial and financial relationships, the funds and current accounts as well as properties are confiscated or frozen.
Trump had revealed his willingness to fight Mexican narcos as terrorists in late November by talking to a journalist to whom he had said: "We are in the middle of the procedure to declare narcos as terrorists". This follows the massacre of a family of American Mormons who had settled in northern Mexico and were killed in an attack by armed men at Bavispe on 6 November last. On that occasion Trump offered the southern neighbor military aid to fight the drug cartels but the Mexican president refused saying that "we will not allow armed men to operate on our territory"

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