Roma-Wolfsberg 2-2, Perotti and Dzeko goals, the Giallorossi go to the 16th from seconds


ROME – Roma won against Wolfsberg the necessary point (2-2) to go ahead in the Europa League but reached 16 'with some regrets. The surprise success of the Basaksehir in Moenchengladbach could, in fact, have given her the 1st place in the group in the event of a victory that the Giallorossi, twice, failed to administer. And now, in the draw on Monday, they will inevitably be combined with a tougher opponent. The Rome must recite the mea culpa to be taken to the field with excessive relaxation. She went ahead twice easily and thought she could limit herself to administering the result. The Wolfsberg, on the other hand, did not give up an inch and eventually went on to take a deserved draw in terms of the game. The Giallorossi only woke up in the final, with the inputs of Pellegrini and Zaniolo, but they didn't find the winning twist to bring home the 3 points.

Fonseca re-launches Florenzi

Smalling and Santon lost due to an injury, Fonseca decided to re-launch Florenzi on the right and Fazio in the middle. Then he implemented a moderate turnover leaving Kolarov, Zaniolo and Pellegrini at rest, not at his best. On the left, therefore, he inserted Spinazzola while on the trocar he gave Under and Mkhitaryan a jersey, placed behind Dzeko.

Perotti scores on a penalty kick, Florenzi scores an own goal

The Wolfberger started aggressively but at the first blunder was punished (7 '): on a vertical throw, Dzeko found himself alone in the area on the left and was run over by Kofler on the way out. Penalty that Perotti has transformed with coldness. The Wolfsberger reacted angrily and, after engaging Mirante with a left-footed shot from outside Liendl, drew (10 '): Niangbo triangulated into the area on the left with Schmitz and hit for Weissman, anticipated by Florenzi, who inadvertently , he diverted the ball into his own goal.

Dzeko brings Rome forward again

Roma rolled up their sleeves and at 19 'came back ahead: Diawara threw Perotti into the area on the left, good at Kofler's exit, to serve in the middle with a soft touch from outside right Dzeko who comfortably bagged with an empty door. At this point the Giallorossi have limited themselves to managing a Wolfsberg willing as little incisive. The Austrians sent a thrill to the Roma fans only in the 24th minute when Weissman shot a cross from the left of Schmitz extended by Rnic but his goal was rightly canceled by a clear offside.

Weissman, post and then network

Roma thought they could follow the same score in the second half but the tactics turned out to be self-defeating. The Wolfsberg sent a warning message with Weissman, who hit a pole (48 ′) in full on a cross from Novak's right and then with Niangbo (59 ′) who was denied the 2-2, with a model flight on the left, from Mirante, forced for this surgery to go out due to a problem with his right shoulder. Fonseca brought in Lopez who had no luck: on the first shot on goal he suffered 2-2 (63 ′), made by Weissman with a nice header diving on a cross from Liendl's left.

Dzeko fails 3-2 in recovery

Fonseca, having also seen the good news coming from Moenchengladbach, tried everything by inserting Pellegrini and Zaniolo for Under and Perotti but only in full recovery the Giallorossi really missed the 3-2 with a shot by Dzeko, on Florenzi's flying cross , diverted by isofinto by Kofler. Too little to deserve the 3 points. And so the European journey will continue through a logically more complicated path.ROMA-WOLFSBERG 2-2 (2-1)
Rome (4-2-3-1): Mirante (17 ′ st Pau Lopez); Florenzi, Mancini, Fazio, Spinazzola; Veretout, Diawara; Under (22 ′ st Lo.Pellegrini), Mkhitaryan, Perotti (22 ′ st Zaniolo); Dzeko. (5 Juan Jesus, 19 Kalinic, 48 Antonucci). All .: Fonseca.
Wolfsberger (4-3-1-2): Kofler; Novak, Solbauer, Rnic, Schmitz; Schmid, Sprangler, Wernitznig (31 ′ st Schoefl), Liendl; Weissman (47 ′ st Hodzic), Niangbo (48 ′ st Hodzic). (29 Kuttin, 4 Gollner, 5 Peric, 39 Goelles). All .: Sahli.
Referee: Pawson (England).
networks: in pt 7 ′ Perotti (penalty), Florenzi (autorete), 22 ′ Dzeko; in st 18 ′ Weissman.
Corners: 11-4 for Rome.
Recovery: 2 ′ and 3 ′.
Ammonites: Diawara and Rnic for foul play; Wernitznig for incorrect play.
viewers: 21,000.

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