Pagnoncelli survey, Matteo Renzi devastated: "Open, what 50% of Italians think of him"


There is a "sign" in the poll of Nando Pagnoncelli for DiMartedì, the one up Matteo Renzi, which risks not only making the small political history of the Italian left but also conditioning the next moves at Palazzo Chigi and its surroundings. The former premier was overwhelmed by the Open case, the investigation into the foundation that was his safe in the period of the rise to power.

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According to many institutions, Renzi's new party Italy Viva (which has nothing to do with Open) has already set the pace. But the trouble is that the Italians in the wake of the accusations of the magistrates have already matured their sentence of condemnation: for the 50% of the interviewees Renzi is "politically finished". Only for the 33% the former secretary of the PD "still has a lot to say", while 17% still "don't know", perhaps waiting for judicial developments.

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