Mes, Andrea Marcucci and the date of the fall of the government: "Di Maio must draw the consequences"


December 11 may drop the government. Andrea Marcucci, Senator (ex) Renziano remained in the Pd, interviewed by the Print does not hide behind a finger: the showdown on Mes it is near, and everything will depend on it Luigi Di Maio. "Needless to ignore the risks, but I bet on common sense," he explains. Yes, that common sense that in government seems to be increasingly rare merchandise. The 5 Star Movement and the dem on State Savings Fund they are very far away and in fact the executive no longer exists, cleaved under the weight of exploitation, electoral logic and contradictions. We are at the height: the Democratic Party, which until a few months ago was against the Mes and, then, a Giuseppe Conte premier, today is the only force that strongly defends both.

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"The Mes affair – underlines Marcucci – was born with the previous government, Di Maio, like Salvini, were promptly informed of everything. Why only these controversies now? Of the leader of the Alloy, the drawing is clear to me. It aims to undermine the foundations of Italy's international credibility, to set the spread on fire again. He says No Mes but in reality he would like to say No Euro", is the decidedly provocative position of Senator Pd." I am convinced instead that Di Maio, having had the necessary explanations from the premier on the procedure of the provision, repent ". And if he will not do it?" Then he would be called to to draw the consequences on the life of the government ". The fracture in the majority is entirely political and also concerns issues of internal politics:" The M5s is not driving a single color, this is a coalition government, where the positions of the whole majority must be taken into account. I don't like the attitude that Di Maio and Bonafede have on prescription. The theme of the duration of the process cannot be mocked or ignored. The Democratic Party cannot play only as a median, there are the conditions for it to be able to exercise leadership in the majority, so not only to suffer the agenda, but sometimes even to dictate it. "Yes, but with the votes (decisive) of others, that is the grillini, an almost impossible mission.

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev: Count in the Senate, half empty stands in the majority

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