Loredana Lecciso, Trump and Rossano from D'Urso: "The age difference …". Got in Albano Carrisi?


To the Live – It is not the d 'Urso they arrive Ivana Trump and the ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi. But in the spheres there is Loredana Lecciso. And since the former partner of Al Bano clearance any number linked to the registry office. Its sphere is green. How to say: ok for both, age does not count.

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La Lecciso – as told in the studio – once met Trump and Rossano in Nicaragua. Extremely romantic, close-knit. Now the happy ending could come between them: a new marriage? Who knows. But the real coup de lecciso, solar more than ever in the spheres of the Canale5 prime-time show, remains the sentence on the age difference. "It doesn't matter and it's not important", Lecciso thunders. And, in addition to the green sphere in the studio, another gossip could come on: the thought certainly goes to his long love story with Al Bano (where the age difference was the background without ever ruining their feeling). As can be seen from the social media, between Al Bano and Loredana there is a report by affection and profound good who manages to overcome every obstacle. And it is precisely this that the Lecciso fans did not miss during the live broadcast last night. Especially after that sentence on age difference. A happy ending for them too?

by Francesco Fredella

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