Juventus, Sarri: "Lazio can enter the championship fight"


TURIN – A difficult trip in which it is forbidden to lose points after the internal draw against Sassuolo to continue the match with Inter: Maurizio Sarri presents Lazio-Juventus, scheduled for Saturday at 8.45 pm, praising the beginning of the biancocelesti season, veterans from six consecutive victories and now third the rankings to -6 from his team, and he hopes for a reaction from his boys.Does Maurizio Sarri feel more comforted than a week ago from the point of view of motivation?
"The motivations were one of the hypotheses, given that in the post-Champions games we have more difficulty in approaching then to those of the championship. It is a hypothesis, not a certainty, maybe it is only a decrease of mental and nervous energies. Seeing the trainings I am confident, then as always the field responds ".
Do you consider tomorrow an important turn in the championship economy?
"The points are all important, the games have the same level of importance. Then, as journalistic level is emphasized, certain games I understand very well. At a rational level we are at a point where nothing can be decided. An important turn like the others, with difficult games for high-ranking teams: they are heavy points ".
On Sunday he said that it was the goal of Sassuolo's advantage to unlock you, can Inter pass in the rankings have a similar effect in general?
"I hope so. I hope that having a team in front of us is a great incentive for us to make so many points. I hope it is a strong motivation".
You have repeatedly explained the importance of Bernardeschi, but how is the boy experiencing this hostility and these whistles that are there at the Stadium?
"He is an extremely sensitive boy and this is evident from the safety he shows in away games and in those at home. The performance is different and this thing is weighing on him. He is an important player, we must not be influenced by anything or by nobody, I think my task now is to help him and accompany him rather than rest him ".
Khedira out three months: open spaces for Emre Can?
"Emre recently made appearances, so he was not totally excluded. He was excluded from the Champions League and for him it was something heavy from a mental point of view. He knows that if he does well in the league he will be taken into consideration. Sami is a loss heavy, but the situation is this: the situation on his knee was getting worse and the decision came because within 10 days it had worsened not normally because these things normally get worse over the years, not in a week. that increase the performance of others ".
How do you face a team like Lazio?
"Lazio is a strong team. Beyond the tactical aspect it has great quality. It manages to bring the team well behind the opposing area, it is the best in Italy in the filtering passages in the last 25 meters and is one of the best also in Europe. It is a clearly difficult game. "
Do you worry about injuries?
"I'm certainly not happy, but in a season there are moments like this. Rabiot is better, he has done the last training with the team. He has to get back to top condition, but from a medical point of view it is solved".
What approach do you expect from Lazio?
"I expect a violent approach on their part, because I am in a very positive moment. We will have to bear this impact, then come out and take the game in hand, trying to keep them not close to our penalty area."
What is the difference between playing with the trident and the playmaker? And why don't we see the trident anymore?
"Without Douglas' presence it is more difficult to think of this situation. Dybala's moment of grace is another reason why we chose 1 + 2 forwards, so at this moment it is difficult for us to play with the three attackers ".
Is the goal missing in Bentancur's growth?
"This is a constant statistic for Rodrigo. He is becoming an important player, in the last few months he has impressive numbers. He has good technique, gives the feeling of being able to grow again and in my opinion he is destined for a very important career. this deficiency in recent years, that is to say little, its future would become more than very important ".
Given the great departure of Juve and Inter, Lazio is still close. Can it be the third incident?
"At this moment he leaves this feeling. The strong team, which has made 18 points in the last 6, gives the feeling of being a team capable of entering".
Is it possible some graft in midfield in January?
"We will try to make ourselves play Bernardeschi, then counting on the recovery of Douglas Costa and Ramsey, we will try to make him play too. This is the task of a coach, then there is the company that will make its assessments".
When you play with Dybala and Ronaldo you have problems filling the penalty area. Did you work on this with the two of them?
"We are working on a daily basis. There are a few things to take into account their characteristics. You cannot forbid Dybala from coming to get the ball near the midfielders because you would take away the great qualities that it is able to pull out of these situations, as well as not you can take away from Ronaldo the possibility of a decentralized start because it is something on which he has built a formidable career ".

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