Figc, Gravina: "With racism is a struggle to be won at all costs"


FLORENCE – The fight against racism "is a theme that is at heart to everyone, not only to racism but to any form of discrimination. We are convinced that it is a struggle that we must win at all costs because the problem of racism and discrimination is the exact opposite of the value of football ". These are the words of the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, talking to the press on the sidelines of a press conference at the Coverciano technical center. "Football is inclusion, it is participation, it is involvement, we cannot tolerate that the dignity of Italian football, of Italian sport, can still be muddied or contaminated by these four goons who on Sunday have the culture of offending the dignity of both football and of sport ", he said Gravina. "We are very focused on this theme. I have to thank Minister Spadafora who is really always very attentive, he always makes us raise our guard level, constantly involving us with a constant need, to fight any form of exclusion from the world of football, but above all any form of racism ".

"A strong figure must have a strong league"

Gravina then spoke about the League of A and its commissioner: "I think that a strong FIGC must have the main League, the most important, very strong. So we will do everything to make ourselves available to the League of A, without invading their field, their autonomy, their dignity, and their entrepreneurial capacity, to arrive at the best possible solutions, "said the FIGC president. "Italian football needs, I stress again, a large and strong League of A – added Gabriele Gravina – Today we have a very exciting championship, so I am convinced that this show can only do good for Italian football and can only do good for our fans' enthusiasm. "And to those who asked him if to make it more beautiful our football does not contribute in particular to the summit fight for the award of the Scudetto between Inter and Juventus, Gravina he replied: "Absolutely yes, but I do not think that it is limited to these two realities. I see behind two or three equally important realities that push, and that are very good".

"Blue Euro 2020 insidious pool"

Euro 2020 chapter. "I was happy to have avoided a series of teams but I like it very little," the FIGC president said, commenting on Italy's group for the upcoming Europeans. That of Italy "is a dangerous, insidious group, Mancini does well to dampen any kind of enthusiasm related to the ease of a group. I have always been taught that the most difficult games are those that must be played. So the first one, the one of June 12 against Turkey, it is very difficult, very demanding and very complex. We will be in the spotlight around the world, so we need to show and demonstrate the true value of our national team ". And to those who asked him what might be for Italy, the Figc number one replied: "I expect to continue winning every day because this national team continues to win. Even today we saw it with the enthusiasm it can to transmit, so I don't wait for June 12 to begin to achieve another goal: our goals have been going on for a year now, and every day we caress one of them, we have already won with the idea of ​​a very young national team that has a perspective of over ten years, and with a coach who constantly values ​​our young people, our national team is today one of the most beautiful vehicles in terms of the spot so that all our clubs can invest in youth policy ".

"Maximum collaboration with various ministries"

"We started today that path that we began to decline a few months ago in a relationship of maximum collaboration with some ministries of our government such as today with the Ministry of Education," he said. Gravina commenting on the presentation of a joint project that will involve the Federcalcio and Miur. "We have started to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, with Minister Speranza, and there is an excellent relationship and maximum collaboration with Minister Spadafora – he added Gravina – I hope soon "there will be a relationship" with Minister Lamorgese. So a FIGC that is fully aware that opening up to social forces, and therefore trying to invest a lot in training, as we are trying to do with this agreement with the Ministry of Education, but above all on a principle of interchangeability between the world of football and social forces, I believe is one of the most beautiful messages that football has to bear witness to today ", concluded Gravina.

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