Alitalia, the Council of Ministers approves the decree law for the new 400 million bridge loan


"Reorganization and development" plan The text of the decree is limited to providing a "reorganization and efficiency plan", which is functional to the timely definition, by 31 May 2020, of the "transfer of the company complexes" to new management. All this will be developed by the commissioning structure that deals with extraordinary administration.

The previous bridge loan Of the 900 million of the first bridging loan, on which the EU investigation is still in progress, only 315 million remained in Alitalia's coffers as of October 31 and the company lost about one million euros a day.

Alitalia will therefore continue to fly with public money in extraordinary administration, as it has been doing since April 2017 when Etihad pulled the plug and the workers subsequently rejected in a referendum a two-billion-euro recapitalization plan with about a thousand redundancies. According to estimates, the amount spent by the State over the past 40 years to keep the former national airline company on its feet has risen to around 10 billion euros.

The Lufthansa hypothesis and the risk of redundancies At the gates, for the sale that now seems the only solution, there could be the German Lufthansa, which confirmed the interest in a commercial alliance with Alitalia, provided however that it is restructured with heavy cuts: there is talk of 5,500 redundancies and a fleet reduced by one third. The executive, of course, would do anything to stem these numbers, dealing with Lufthansa. In recent days, according to some reconstructions, the Minister for Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli and the manager of the German company Carsten Spohr have already talked about it.

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