Agrigento, Mareamico's alarm: "La Scala dei Turchi is crumbling"


"The Scala dei Turchi crumbles: hundreds of boulders have come down during the bad weather of the last few days. Marl debris has collapsed on the natural steps of the majestic cliff of Realmonte". It is the complaint of the 'Mareamico' association of Agrigento. "The excessive overbuilding all around her has changed the normal flow of rainwater and then the exaggerated frequentation of the places did the rest – complains Claudio Lombardo – The Scala dei Turchi is melting like snow in the sun and to realize it is only Mareamico. For years now we have been documenting the state of abandonment of this candidate place to UNESCO heritage "."Only a few months ago the Scala dei Turchi was reopened for use, after the collapse of the east side, restored with a work of scale (technique used for quickly securing a rocky wall, ed) funded by the Sicily Region – the association explains – Everyone must know that this is an extremely dangerous place. Especially the large number of tourists who visit it are not aware of the danger they face during his visit. We can't always shout to the miracle ".
Therefore, according to Mareamico, "a task of responsibility is needed: the western side facing onto Lido Rossello must be forbidden. And a planning and a serious management of the site is urgently needed, with the quota restriction". "Every year the Scala dei Turchi draws hundreds of thousands of visitors, with an important reverberation on the tourist aspect and consequently economic territory, therefore deserves proper attention".

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