Zaccone: "Napoli intervenes, someone speaks: you risk doing other damage. And we lose the fans"


The journalist and writer made the point about the delicate moment that is experiencing not only Ancelotti's team, but all of Naples, including fans.

Maurizio Zaccone, a journalist, through his social channels, commented on the moment of Naples after the draw against the Genoa. These are his words: "We were waiting for a response from the field that did not arrive, over penalties denied and so on. Beyond the hugs at the start of the game. The team is lost and no one officially takes responsibility. No one explains. A highly disrespectful game of silence, allow me "The fans are punctually punctuated for everything, periodically recalled to their responsibilities. Now the company has a duty to fulfill his duties, to explain. Somebody speak. Someone tell us if he has understood what happened, if there are specific responsibilities and ways of The fans cannot help the club if they do not know what is happening. As we have moved from the most beautiful game of Europe to the soporific and uncertain game of today. This company that has chosen not to structure itself as a company of any kind equal value, take responsibility now to speak ".

Then he added: "The press silence only causes damage; it leaves the press free to elaborate the most improbable conjectures and puts the fans in disarray, without a compass. And in the meantime the referees do the shit they want. We need choices, even painful ones. direction, though. Knowing the problem. "There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn't know where to go," said Seneca. Is this the problem? Not even the company has understood anything about it? Difficult. It's been a few days and that mutiny? nothing has been understood yet, but insistent rumors say that there are no striking episodes behind them, no scandalous facts, therefore no one has justifications, they have no players, responsible for a choice that, not being adequately motivated, appears disrespectful (in the against the society and the fans) and inexplicable. He no longer has the coach, the only person responsible for the technical-tactical involution. silent, that perhaps if it had been endowed with managerial figures in profile, it would not have allowed to arrive to this. And all are lost: the players lose themselves, humanly and economically, because careers can easily be compromised in these situations. The coach obviously loses himself, who brings with him not titles but negative records. And the club loses us heavily, which may have to deal with obliged disposals at a lower price, devaluation of heavy cards and costly reconstruction attempts. Because the Napoli club is just player cards; it has nothing left, we know it. And then, sorry, we lose the fans. Not considered worthy even of a tweet. It is therefore in the interests of all to leave; bury what was wrong and raise your head. It is the common interest of anyone who loves Naples, and the first are the fans. Let us help you. Someone speak ".

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