Valentini: "Naples, too, AIC too much silence. I didn't expect Ancelotti's gesture …"


The former FIGC executive commented on what is happening at Naples and said he was surprised by the silence of the Italian Football Players Association.

During Maracana, to the microphones of TMW Radio, the former Figc executive Antonello Valentini commented on the topics of the day. On the behavior of the players of the Naples has explained: "I confess, mine is a profound disappointment for Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelotti, the presidency of Naples and the players. It is a story that those who love football leave a bad taste in their mouth. That Ancelotti does not show up at a press conference is a gesture that I do not expect from him ".

Then he added: "Carlo Ancelotti has nothing to prove, he cannot escape the press, journalists. I understand the bitterness but the Napoli is still there. It certainly broke something in the feeling between society, coach and players. But I continue to bet on the coach "Carlo Ancelotti. The company, in a game of blame game, assigned him the keys to management. Furthermore, too much silence from the AIC in the Naples affair".

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