useless work but now it must be completed


Mose Venice, M5S attacks: useless work but now it must be completed

While Venice is struggling with an exceptional high water that has already caused two deaths and so much damage to be defined by the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia "unimaginable", mounts the controversy on the Moses, the huge system of dams finished at the center of judicial inquiries, designed to protect the city from tides up to 3 meters but whose completion is scheduled for December 31, 2021. A «useless» work, attacks the M5S Veneto on the Blog of Stars. Unless then we find ourselves substantially in agreement with all the other political forces on the fact that the dam system should now be completed.

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Mose, that's what the barrier between the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea is

"What has yet to happen so that we all understand that this cannot go on? – he reads them on the Blog of the Stars post – Yesterday in a few hours Venice was devastated by the tide, driven by winds never seen before. But what do we do? We respond with Mose. A work conceived in the 1980s, already considered foolish and useless by half the world, which was to come into operation 16 years ago, is still at a standstill and in the meantime has cost seven billion, net of bribes. Now we are serious, wake up from the nightmare. This Mose that cost tears and blood, let's finish it and let it work as long as it can. We cannot afford a useless scrap in the lagoon ».

The four barriers composed of 78 Mose movable bulkheads have already been completed. "We ask the government to participate and to understand at what level is the organization of the Mose, because here we really risk not making it anymore. Tomorrow we will ask for a state of calamity. We ask that they give us a hand because the costs are so many ». "Had the Moses been there it would have avoided this exceptional tide," said the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro. "We're so far out to finish," he recalled. "We need resources and clear ideas. The Mose has been started and must be finished. The Mose is not just the bulkheads is the ground system that should be finished ". "As a citizen, I wonder – he added – is it possible that there are no sewers? Is there a half-done fire system? " Brugnaro also recalled that the Mose is managed by the State, "and the city has never been involved".

«I spoke with the mayor Brugnaro and with the Civil Protection – wrote the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D'Inca on Twitter – The attention of the Government is directed to the city of Venice. A few days ago I spoke with the De Micheli Minister of Infrastructures. In a few days the appointment of the Commissioner for the Mose will come and it must be finished as soon as possible ".

The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, in Mattino 5: «The Mose is ready to go into action but 100 million are needed for annual maintenance. Once out of here I will go to the Senate for an amendment to the maneuver to find this money, to secure a non-Italian but global heritage ". Salvini also asks for the emergency in Venice "immediately use one of the three billion that the government would like to give to those who pay by debit or credit card ".

The group of Forza Italia in the Senate, in a motion to the government filed this morning, he asks "the government to take urgent action to immediately recognize the state of natural disaster for Venice and the municipalities on the Venetian coast. But above all we ask that the time lost to complete and put the Moses into operation be immediately recovered. All this will be possible only by starting the new special law for Venice. Forza Italia has always been strongly convinced of the need to equip the city of Venice and all its heritage with an engineering work such as the Mose. What happened last night must not happen again. We ask that the government immediately tell us what it intends to do to unlock this indispensable strategic infrastructure work ».

Meanwhile i Venice Ascom dealers are considering to take legal action against the Venice Consortium New sole concessionaire for the realization of the Mose in light of the damages suffered for the exceptional high water. "The city is on its knees. We do not know when it will be possible to return to normality and many have lost everything – says Confcommercio president Ascom Venezia Roberto Magliocco -. The damage to the shops is enormous, not only the goods under water, but the electrical outlets have been skipped, to throw away computers and cash registers, without counting the refrigerated counters and heavy machinery, see for example those of the bakers ». "We hope that the government will promptly accept the request for a state of natural disaster put forward by the mayor Luigi Brugnaro – continues Magliocco – and will give a substantial fund to the city quickly, not the usual repayment of 10, 20% which comes after years. We are considering passing to legal proceedings and suing the Consorzio Venezia Nuova because the Mose has not been able to manage security ».

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