Travolta and killed by a pirate car in front of her daughter


ROSSANO VENETO. He was going to visit a friend with his daughter, after parking the car along a street in Castelfranco. She died in front of her daughter, then taken ill, a 73-year-old woman from Rossano Veneto, overwhelmed by a car that she later fled.

An accident that could have more dramatic consequences: the woman's daughter, in fact, followed her mother a short distance but was not fortunately invested.

The fatal accident, as described by La Tribuna di Treviso, took place this evening just before 6.30 pm in Via dei Carpani in Castelfranco. According to the earliest information, the 73-year-old was overwhelmed while, on foot, she was crossing the road to go to her friend's house.

The distress call spoke of a pirate car, whose driver would not have stopped to help the woman. Immediate attempt by some motorists in transit to save the 73-year-old, but when the ambulance of the Suem 118 arrived, unfortunately the medical staff was left with noticing the death.

The local police and the Castelfranco carabinieri for the investigation are also on the spot. The hunt is open to the pirate car: it is a Fiat Punto, driven by a woman.

According to the findings, the victim's body was found at a considerable distance from the point of impact. This is a sign, according to the investigators, that the Fiat Punto driven by the pirate motorist was proceeding at high speed.

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