"They beat and insulted the elderly", arrested two employees of a nursing home


They would have had to look after the elderly guests of the nursing home where they worked, but in reality they had created a climate of terror and the days were marked by insults and violence. The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Monreale arrested two health workers, employees of a retirement home in San Giuseppe Jato, held responsible "for serious physical and psychological violence against the elderly guests of the facility". These are B.G., 55, and S.F., 60, both born in San Cipirello.

They are accused of "having repeatedly practiced physical and psychological violence against guests of the facility and in particular of a 76 year old woman" from September to today. The carabinieri investigation started with the complaint presented by the elderly woman's relatives, who had noticed bruises and bruises on the victim's body for some time.

"Old woman treated with cruelty" | VIDEO

The Army's soldiers immediately launched the investigations and, according to reports, "a serious circumstantial picture against the two women emerged, protagonists in a few days of regrettable episodes against the elderly woman". The violence was taken up by a hidden camera. "The recorded scenes, which show the suspects harass the guests of the structure, cannot be diffused precisely because of their harshness", explain the investigators. The two women, at the disposal of the judicial authority, are under house arrest waiting for the guarantee interrogation

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