Serie B, Pescara-Cremonese 1-1: Best in the 90th minute responds to Galano


PESCARA – The Pescara fails the appointment with the third consecutive victory and there is no overtaking against Crotone, which at least for one night would have been the second place for Zauri's men. In the anticipation of the 13th day he ends up 1-1 against Cremonese, who at the 90 'reaches the hosts and wins a really precious point.

The Cremonese is mounting a suffocating pressure from the very beginning of the game and Pescara struggles to build games. The first goal of the challenge is also a guest goal, when on 17 ′ Terranova intercepts a loose ball and kicks with power but without much precision: the ball ends up in Kastrati's arms. As the minutes pass, the hosts gain meters. At 31 'they become dangerous with a conclusion by Memushaj rejected by Agazzi, while at 38 ′ Machin does not frame the door from a good position. The result is not released and you go to rest at 0-0.

The second half starts with Kastrati's two-time parade on Mogos and continues in the sign of grigiorossi, when at 68 ′ Castagnetti he kicks back with a little kick. As in the first half, also in the second half the Pescara suffers in the initial part but then it raises the rhythm. At 70 ′ Borrelli tests Agazzi's reflexes with a shot under the goal and at 76 ′ Galano does not find the mirror of a few centimeters. The Abruzzo forcing takes shape four minutes later with a free kick by Galano not held back by Agazzi, also deceived by a rebound. When the hosts seem to have the victory in hand, in the 90 ′ the Cremonese finds the draw with the closer touch of Migliore and even touches the bang with Arini in full recovery.

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