Review Huawei Freebuds 3: the true wireless headphones unrivaled at the moment


Review Huawei Freebuds 3 – Huawei does not just make smartphones, it is a giant of the tech that is applied in many branches, especially telecommunications, which is still one of the core business, but we can find many other consumer products in its portfolio.

In the audio sector for the moment there has not been a gadget really capable of imposing itself, as many good devices as there are so many, but today things could have changed, with the classic "rabbit extracted from the cylinder" that answers the name Huawei Freebuds 3, excellent true wireless headphones, capable of causing the Apple Airpods 2 that have just a few months on their shoulders to age suddenly.

Video review Huawei Freebuds 3

How they are made

The main news you need to know is that Huawei Freebuds 3 they are not in-ear type, so do not assimilate them to Samsung Galaxy Buds or Apple Airpods Pro, both in-ear.
This feature makes them already special and decidedly appreciated by all those, and they are many, to which the in-ear headphones are annoying after a while.

The in-ear headphones have a mechanical soundproofing power intrinsic in their structure, which inevitably occludes the auditory canal with the classic "gommino", this brings the advantage of a higher sound quality, deep bass and a more sound engaging, the disadvantage however is in the comfort of use and in the fact that in many situations being isolated from the world is not an advantage.

Over time, the product that has established itself among the true wireless headphones has been the Apple Airpods of first and second generation, the secret is precisely in the fact of not being in-ear, a feature that makes them particularly suitable for city use and all the situations in which true wireless earphones are exploited, typically not those of musical listening in a quiet environment, but rather a mixture of calls, voice notes, video watching, listening to music during city movements, an urban environment that requires keeping anyway careful senses paying attention to what is happening around us.

We could say that while in-ear headphones go well with listening to music in high quality, sports, gaming and everything in which sound insulation and ear stability are positive factors, true wireless is a product in which other needs emerge, for which the fact of not completely isolating from the world is an added value.

All this premise serves to make you better understand the project of the Huawei Freebuds 3 and why to date they are a practically unique product of its kind.
They are true wireless technologically advanced, not in ear, with some features that connect the two worlds and almost all agree, are in focus, designed to respond exactly to the strengths of a pair of Bluetooth headsets.

Starting from design and ergonomics, the first features that true wireless headphones should have are comfort and beauty, both perfectly centered by this product.
They are available in two colors, black and white, both shiny and elegant, with chrome finishes on some elements and an immediately perceptible construction solidity.

The case is a flattened sphere, a small elegant and light pancake, despite having a 410 mAh battery module, it is recharged via wireless or through a type-c port, it has only an almost invisible button that is used for the reset, the cover it is stable, it can be opened with just one hand and very securely houses the headphones thanks to a magnetic joint.

The bonnets are elegant, discreet and subtle, the shape is the classic one already seen on the Airpods, on the terminal part of the stem there is a microphone, protected by a chromed superstructure that protects it from the wind, constituting an element of functional design.

Miniature technical elegance

The built-in battery in each earphone is 30 mAh, a proximity sensor, a sensor for bone conduction, the audio output and air outlet grids are placed on the main body, the new Kirin A1 chip is internally the heart. that moves the 14 mm dynamic driver wires and the low latency 5.1 LE Bluetooth module.

Unbelievable that inside such a small object there are so many elements, but all this is importantly reflected in the performances of everyday use, surprising in many ways.

Active noise suppression

The uniqueness of the Huawei Freebuds 3 it is completed with the active suppression of environmental noise, which on non-in-ear headphones is a rare commodity.

It works well, it eliminates much of the background noise but without a total cancellation, it is more about making the sounds more muffled, for example maintaining the typical frequencies of speech, but suppressing the buzz, the classic noise of a city intersection, the constant sound of a train or an airplane when you are inside.

The fact that it is not in-ear, helps to mitigate almost completely the "vacuum" effect that you have with supraural headphones, the sensation you will get is decidedly comfortable and will make you realize how important the acoustic pollution of the our cities.

Through the AI ​​Life management app, also available on Play Store for free, you can manage different aspects of the headphones, including the adjustment of noise reduction on different frequencies, choosing it based on your taste and the situation you are in.

Audio quality, calls and latency

It is surprising, superior to the main competitors and unexpected for the type of conformation of the Huawei Freebuds 3, The basses are present, the sound is round and enveloping already at medium volume, even the highs present although the sound balance is rather unbalanced towards the low frequencies.

Clearly you cannot expect a crystalline and analytical sound, but for a musical listening without great pretensions they are abundantly sufficient.

The qualities of Freebuds 3 emerge even more when it comes to working on their main land, for example they are excellent. Our audio is captured thanks to a bone conduction microphone, while the ambient microphones act to reduce background noise, the result is clear and clear conversations even in the noisiest environments.
The two drivers are independent, so you can decide to use only one of the two indifferently.

The latency of watching videos, especially if you have a smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 is in fact non-existent, thanks to the dual channel instant synchronization algorithm, which organizes a simultaneous transmission to the two headphones and a dynamic audio synchronization.

Smart functions

The Huawei Freebuds 3 enjoy some smart features, all controllable through the management application.
Both drivers support a double-touch gesture to activate the choice: noise reduction, assistant recall, play / pause, next track.

There are two proximity sensors that should pause playback and restart it when the headphones are removed or worn, but for the moment this feature can only be used with a Huawei / Honor smartphone with EMUI 10, we hope that the compatibility will be extended to all others, it would be an important lack if it were not so.

After the first pairing, simply open the cover of the case to start the Bluetooth connection.


That declared of the Huawei Freebuds 3 it is 4 hours playing at medium volume, we checked something less and about 3 hours if you keep the noise reduction active, but the case retains about 4 full recharges of both headphones, for a total operating time between 12 and the 15 hours, an excellent result.

Just 1 hour to fully charge the case and the same time to fully charge both headphones.

In conclusion

We come to the conclusion of the review of Huawei Freebuds 3, proposals to 179 Euro list, with a promo interesting until December 2, which gives you a wireless charger.

Excellent, we liked them because they are practical, they run smoothly and have all the right credentials to give a pleasant 360 degree user experience.

The management app may be richer, for example a gesture for volume control is missing and the automatic play / pause function is reserved for Huawei smartphones for now.
In all the rest they are a product that we recommend, a nice confirmation for the Chinese brand in a field that up until now had not yet been able to express itself at its best.

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