Rafa, Don and Ibra. Basic stage. Always with Carlo


Rafael Leao and Don Garber rekindled the debate among the Rossoneri fans on Ibra. The Rossoneri fans dream of it and want it, as a sign of redemption, as a leap compared to the passions that in this period are in a state of quiescence. Rafael Leao, because heels and attitude against Lazio were not liked and the Rossoneri fan dreamed of Ibra's rough and acre word treatment to put this and more back in line. Don Garber, because the MLS commissioner has done things that are not done. Professionally, we have a duty to point out that there is nothing and that the possibilities are very good. The fans live badly this thing and we understand them perfectly, the role of the spoilsport does not like those who do it and those who understand it, but if one day Ibra is already Naples, the other is already already in Bologna and the other is already already in Milan means that something is not right and that the accounts do not add up. So calm and focus on the matches. Better to dream rather than live the games we are living, the fan roars. We understand perfectly, but talking about the market in November makes no sense. The market, if anything, is in January.

The 2019 Milan fans are like the 2010 Juventus fans: the Juventus team lived by anonymous seventh place championships and had not won the Scudetto for several years. Those fans saw the company focused on the new stadium and let off steam with the same words as today's Milanists: we are not interested in the stadium, the priority is the team, it is the team that goes wrong and it is only the team that needs thinking. We also convinced those Juventus fans, who we read with their posts and their emails in TV sports broadcasts. But then, the day after the inauguration of the Stadium in September 2011, we still remember today the brusque reference to the reality of Adriano Galliani: "He will see, with this stadium Juventus will dig the furrow, he will go to the top of the revenue list which will then mean to be at the top of the sporting ranking ". This is the proprietary stadium, a flywheel, a multiplier. Today's Milan is not only attentive to the stadium, it is a stretch. The priority remains the team, but the stadium is very important, fundamental. Indeed, the more it goes wrong in the field and the more you have to tend to the new stadium, a heritage that generates revenues and structures a club to turn seriously and not in words.

We are sorry and bitter about what is happening to Carlo Ancelotti. No, it is not the Napoli coach, Carlo Ancelotti. It is a gigantic piece of Milan history, Carlo Ancelotti. At this moment Carlo, our Carlo, your Carlo, is seeing it with poisons and vulgarities, with bullying and threats. No Carlo, come away. It's what we're thinking and we're suffering these days. A year and a half we had made our "good impression" when we tweeted that Carlo would not go to Naples. Wrong forecast, because Carlo went to Naples. Prediction apt, because Carlo didn't have to go to Naples. What happens to him and President De Laurentiis? Nothing against ADL, how could we? Milan has had negative budgets for years and has not played a Champions League game since March 2014, while he holds Napoli with the accounts in order and always in the Champions League for years. But on the human level, no. Carlo does not deserve respect and Carlo has nothing to do with it. Carlo will not mix, he will not put himself on the same level and Carlo will remain. But we are close to him, as always and never before in these moments after seeing what is happening in Naples.



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