Peppino Di Capri and his sorrow for the death of Fred Bongusto


The news of Fred Bongusto's death opened a deep wound in the entertainment world. Peppino di Capri was particularly saddened, with whom the singer had formed a very strong friendship. The Neapolitan composer expressed his condolences in a post on his official Facebook page."Even my friend Fred left on tiptoe … In addition to sincere friendship, he tied our love for our work, bringing us together so many moments of the times when we pursued success in that ever changing world, defending the "night" style that gradually faded. Hi Fred, you left us some successes that we will continue to sing and remember forever! Your dear friend, Peppino".

The two artists had really shared many moments of great intensity. In January 1986, Bongusto was on tour with Peppino Di Capri in theaters throughout Italy. From this event a live record was born that engaged the duo with the orchestras until 1996, and brought them only the following year to the relaunch on cd of the mythical 45 rpm with: "Due ragazzi così".

Theirs was a solid friendship, consolidated by a fruitful collaboration and great mutual respect. Compounding even more the mourning for the loss of his friend there are some statements that Peppino Di Capri released after the death of Fred Bongusto.

The singer, apparently, knew about his friend's illness, but never managed to visit him. "I wanted to visit him several times but unfortunately his stepdaughter never wanted. Other friends and colleagues also tried to contact him but unfortunately it was not possible".

A wound that will always remain open, this, but it will not prevent him from remembering his colleague and friend with the deep affection he has always nurtured for him.

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