Pavan provokes: "Napoli and Inter in confusion because of Juventus: I'll explain"


Massimo Pavan, journalist, has analyzed what is happening in the Italian Serie A championship. Napoli in clear difficulty, Inter not serene.

The journalist Massimo Pavan, of declared Juventus faith, through the Turin portal, takes stock of what is happening in the Italian Serie A championship. The Old Lady is first in the standings, followed by Inter di Antonio Conte. The real disappointment, at least in the league, is represented so far by Napoli which, at this moment, is even eleven points from the top. A distance that seems, however, already difficult to fill.

Here is the thought of journalist Massimo Pavan: "I see some controversy too many in the opponents. Napoli seems a bit confused, it is not clear who is in charge. In Milan, instead, Conte has beaten hard, from society a grave silence. In my opinion someone this year expected a Juventus less strong and this he sent them into confusion", the provocation of the reporter. At home in Naples there is no lack of controversy, but even in Inter there is a certain agitation.

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