Pastore: "Ibrahimovic for Rome? Why not, he is great"


ROME – Javier Pastore go back to talking. Six consecutive matches, excellent performances e no accident. The Argentinian playmaker is experiencing one of his best moments since being at Rome, but also in recent years. If until a few weeks ago the fans called for an assignment, now they hope that Shepherd may continue with these benefits. So Argentina now it is further away, the return to home can wait: “Many have called me asking me about this thing, but the truth is that there is nothing concrete and serious, I don't see the possibility of leaving now Rome, I'm very good"said the Argentine to "ESPN".

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Space then ai dreams of market of Roma fans, and the voices of a hypothetical landing of Ibrahimovic in yellow Red"He is great, it would be great if he returned to Italy. A player like that moves everything, the press and more. And why not Rome? It would be nice to have him back as a companion (the two played together with PSG, ndc). We have a good relationship with him and the family, in private he is a different character than how he shows himself in public. I like football very much and I also admire him as a person ”.

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Kean towards Rome

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