Napoli-Genoa, report cards: another night to forget, unique Elmas to believe it. Total confusion!


Another evening to forget for the team of Carlo Ancelotti that does not go beyond the 0-0 against a Genoa for nothing irresistible.

But it rains, it rains on our love. Rain and whistles on the players' heads Naples: to the triple whistle of Calvarese all the disappointment of the Italian fans is unleashed, but also of the sky that sheds bitter tears for a team with no head or tail, especially without a soul. The only one who believes this is Elmas, entered in the second half, which presses on all and even touches the goal of head on the only play of Lozano worthy of note, or thrust in speed and precise cross. Carlo Ancelotti he remains in the dock as well as the players: the coach has not yet managed to realize a recognizable tactical design and whoever takes the field is in total confusion. Below the report cards of

Ospina: 6. Genoa creates several chances, but it never commits the Colombian goalkeeper deployed by surprise in place of Meret. In the second half Koulibaly saves a shot on the line, he still seems to be able to get there.

Di Lorenzo: 6. He is now an immovable holder, Ancelotti never renounces to him due to the excellent performance. Also tonight it is proposed with regularity in offensive phase and offers an excellent defensive contribution. Play with the lucidity of a veteran.

Maksimovic: 5.5. When he tries to get out of the ball, he risks a lot, but he manages to stop some bloody flaws left by his companions. To date, we repeat, to date, its characteristics are better combined with Koulibaly than those of Manolas.

Koulibaly: 6.5. The saving on the goal line on Pinamonti's safe-throw range is worth a vote rather than a positive one, but in general it shows a good performance between dynamism and safety. It is also proposed forwards.

Hysaj: 5. Thanks to the approximate condition of Mario Rui, it is sent to the left where it confirms that he is not at ease. Pandev is a very hard bone despite his age and creates many difficulties for him. It falls dramatically in the final part of the match. 84th ' Luperto: sv.

Callejon: 5. In the first half he won many side free-kicks, but offered a few cues to his team-mates, remaining at the edge of the game. Net involution, but it is clear that the problem is mental and probably tactical. From 60 'Llorente: 5. After the goals against Liverpool and Lecce, he disappeared. We only remember his contact with Kjaer in the area. Against Atalanta. Even little or nothing tonight. And it's not just his fault.

Fabian Ruiz: 5. Unrecognizable both when shooting and when handling the ball. It almost seems that he doesn't know what to do anymore. He suffers tactically when he has to chase his opponents.

Zielinski: 5. Inaccurate to the limits of the incredible, to save only a nice shot from distance with the left-handed. No supplies, no ideas. He also pays for the tactical confusion and Ancelotti's choice to make him play in the heart of the field.

Insigne: 5. He had also found the goal on the go away, too bad for Lozano's offside. He tries, damn himself, but he also guesses very few. As a midfielder he makes an enormous effort, but he also pays the mental pressure at this difficult time. (From 65 ' Elmas: 6.5. He enters and the Napoli finds a minimum of squaring. Press, sew the departments and for three millimeters (confirmed the goal line technology) does not find the goal from the head.

Lozano: 5.5. Another goal was expected after the Salzburg goal. Which hasn't happened. Too bad for the offside in the action that leads to the goal of insigne (rightly canceled). Shifted to the right in the final minutes, he shows some acceleration with cross. But it is the whole picture in disorder that prevents the detail from coming out.

Mertens: 5.5. Try to drag your comrades and the audience, strive to get the spark. But it rains on everything and the company fails. Play wide and sometimes center without finding the right path.

Ancelotti: 5. Tactical confusion is now clear and evident. Against Genoa one of the worst performances of the season. Team split in two with a light median without meeting. Lacking ideas and depth in attack.

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